Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3/16/2011 Meet Information

The following girls will be dismissed from school at 2:30p for the meet on 3/16/2011

Emily Clay, Liz Composto, Katie Lane, Gabi Jacobs, Kiara Vance, Caila Brander, Rachel Weaver, Ericka Simple and Jordan Armstrong

These girls have events which start at 4p. Please be at IWU's Shirk Center track as close to 3p as you can and begin preparing for your 4p event.

All other athletes will be dismissed at your regular time. You are required to be at the meet by 4p.

F/S 3200m Relays are scheduled to begin at 430p. Those athletes assigned to this event should make every effort to be there by 330p.

Remember, please know what events you are entered in and ensure you know when they are scheduled to begin. Checking in once your event is called is your responsibility ... so pay attention!

The meet is a large one. I have every intention and expectation that our team will be on time, prepared and organized. We'll leave the chaos to other teams. I need your help to ensure this is the norm.

The meet is scheduled to be finished by 8p but experience tells me it may be closer to 830p. If you have questions ... please ask!!