Friday, May 22, 2015

Bloomington Area Honor Roll Meet

Bloomington Area Honor Roll Meet

Each year Illinois Top Times hosts a Bloomington/Normal Honor Roll Meet which gives any athlete listed on the Pantagraph performance honor roll the opportunity to compete one last time this season.  There is a link at the end of this e-mail to the complete honor roll for each event.  It is a longer list than posted in the Thursday edition of the Pantagraph so please review it carefully.  If you are on the honor roll listed and would like to participate in the meet next Tuesday, I need to know as soon as possible but no later then noon on SUNDAY.  U-High will pay the entry fees.  This meet is strictly voluntary and designed for the athlete to compete in a low stress meet against the areas best athletes.  Please let me know if you would like to participate!  If you have additional questions, please let me know.  Thanks!!

May 26th, 2015 (Rain date is May 27th)
Where: Bloomington High School
Awards: Medals 1st – 8th places
16 athletes in the 100M, 200M, and 400M
16 athletes in the 800M
16 athletes in the 1600M and 3200M
16 teams in the 4x100M, 4x200M, 4x400M, and 4x800M relays
14 athletes in Shot, Long jump, Triple jump, High jump, Pole vault, and Discus

Entries will be determined by the Pantagraph’s list for who qualifies. Coaches you will need to declare your athletes. We will be accepting FAT and Hand Times, however Hand Times will be converted to FAT

Schedule of events

The Bloomington Area Honor Roll Meet at Bloomington High School begins with field events at 5 p.m. and running events at 6 p.m. The order of events is as follows:      (Subject to change)

Field events
5:00 p.m.- Girls shot put followed by boys shot put, girls discus and boys discus.
5:00 p.m.- Boys long jump followed by girls long jump, boys triple jump and girls triple jump.
5:00 p.m.- Boys pole vault followed by girls pole vault
5:00 p.m.- Girls high jump followed by boys high jump.

Running events
6 p.m.
Girls 3,200m relay
Boys 3,200m relay
Girls 400m Relay
Boys 400m Relay
Girls 3,200m Run
Boys 3,200m Run
Boys 110m High Hurdles
Girls 100m Hurdles
Girls 100m Dash
Boys 100m Dash
Girls 800m Run
Boys 800m Run
Girls 800m Relay
Boys 800m Relay
Girls 400m Dash
Boys 400m Dash
Girls 300m Hurdles
Boys 300m Intermediate Hurdles
Girls 1,600m Run
Boys 1,600m Run
Girls 200m Dash
Boys 200m Dash
Girls 1,600m Relay
Boys 1,600m Relay

Track Notes, May 20, 2015

Congratulations to our University High School Girl's Team for their 2nd place finish at the 2015, Class 2A Sectionals. This young talented team has worked through a challenging meet of 17 teams to represent University High School in a manner we were all proud of.  These athletes have demonstrated the definition of sportsmanship.  So many coaches and parents (and even bus drivers) have commented to me on the talent and demeanor of this team ... Coach Neisler and I are extremely proud of these young ladies and feel blessed to coach them as athletes.

The following athletes will represent our team at the Illinois State Girl's Track and Field Championships this Friday and Saturday at the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL.
  • Katie Reeves (Pole Vault)
  • Lauren Seaver (Pole Vault) 
  • 4x800 Meter Relay (Ashley LaFayette, Madigan Landess, Shannan Supan, Amber Nanni with alternates Ally Shepard, Katie Herrman, Advika Kamatar and Riley Madix)
  • Ashley LaFayette, 1600
  • Chante Stonewall (100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles)
We had a handful of athletes just miss qualifying, which, for me as a coach, is extremely difficult.   We have athletes who have worked very hard for the chance to compete at state.  It is, however, the nature of our sport that nagging injuries or an off day may take it's toll.  I was impressed with the way our athletes handled it and I want to be sure to recognize their effort and the manner in which they handled adversity.  So for our near misses ... our 4 x 200 (Spencer, Micayla, Nia, Chante), Jessica in the Discus, Bri in the jumps, Kara in triple ... congratulations on your outstanding performances!  As coaches, we have been in your position ... we know it's not easy.  We are extremely proud of your efforts this season and are glad we have more years to try again.

Thanks to our wonderful parents who provided water and snacks for the meet, traveled hours and endured two days to cheer on and support our athletes.  Thank you so much ... we are blessed to have you!

Coach Neisler sent out state meet info earlier ... Prelims for class 2A begin on Friday at 9a and are scheduled to be finished by 1230p.  The Finals for all 3 classes begin at 10A on Saturday and are scheduled to be finished around 5p.  This meet features the best athletes in the state and some of the best in the nation.  It is one of the best organized and well run sporting events I have witnessed.  If you like our sport, you'll love this meet.  Make plans to cheer on our qualifiers ... the weather, so far, looks to be good!  Hope to see you there!!

And since I am re-sending this I wanted to recognize Ally Shepard in the 800 barely missing the state qualifying time ... she ran a 2:23.82 in the open!  Strange circumstances to be so happy and sad for a runner at the same time. We are so proud of Ally and her season she is having too!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Track Notes, May 14, 2015

2015 Girl's AA Sectional Track Meet
Dunlap, IL

Today is Sectionals.  This is the meet we focus on throughout the season.  This is the meet these young ladies give up every spring afternoon during the spring for to work for ... work through discomfort, pain, injury, bad weather and adversity to have a chance to compete for a spot in the state meet.  Regardless of the outcome, the coaches are glad to help them along the way.  We are their biggest fans because we know exactly how hard they have worked to get here.  Thank you for supporting our team ...waiting for practice to end, sitting for hours at meet waiting for your daughter to compete for minutes, listening when things aren't going well, cheering for all our girls regardless if it's a meet/school record or a personal best.  Our parents are the best we could hope for ... a huge thank you for your kind words, patience and the countless ways you make this program work!  Our U-High community is awesome ... thanks for helping make it a great place to be!

The meet is scheduled to have the last event start at 8:40p.  That is assuming no weather or equipment delays.  We will need to wait for final results so the earliest we will be able to leave Dunlap to return home will be close to 9:30p.  Please be patient .... I am guessing a return time of between 10:30p and 11:00p ... hopefully sooner but I doubt it.
If you plan to take your athlete home after the meet, please remember, I need you to sign them out.  I will need a note from your parent before I will allow you to ride home with another parent.

This is the single most important meet we have this year to date ... all athletes are expected to stay until the completion of the meet.  Regardless of debate, this is a high school team sport, running a varsity meet. Being a part of the team means more than running your own events.  Supporting and encouraging teammates who are trying to set season bests, PR's and qualify for the state meet needs to mean more than getting an early start home.  All athletes have a ride on the bus back to school and, if necessary, I will give them a ride home from school if you cannot stay until the end.   University High School is the two time defending Sectional Champion and we are extremely proud to have each athlete represent our school on Thursday and to experience the entire Sectional Meet.  Program pride and tradition should override a bit of sleep.  I realize there are sometimes exceptions, although I hope not for this meet.  If you have questions/concerns, please contact me.  (One disclaimer ... I did not have any control as to where we were sent or having the meet scheduled on a school night ... we can only work with what we are assigned.  As coaches, we can only have our athletes as prepared as we can.  We will be ready to go and leave the things we have no control over for other teams to worry about.)

On behalf of the team, we are very thankful for our parents and friends who have traveled so well and supported our entire team.  We feel blessed to have the parent support we have and it is awesome to look up into the stands and see a large group of vocal parents who appreciate the talent and effort of our young ladies.  They are a wonderful group to coach.  They compete with confidence and conduct themselves in a manner we are proud of.   John Neisler, Lester Hampton, Karonji Carr, Natalie Wheeler, Brent Seibring and I are very proud to wear the title of "Coach" for this program we have worked to develop.  We all wish the best of luck to our young athletes.  Finally, our wonderful group of seniors have finished their last days of high school!  I want to recognize Ashley LaFayette, Katie Herrman and Danielle Baker. They have been here for years and helped our Class A sized school develop into a Class AA program capable of competing at any level ... winning multiple Invites, Conference and Sectional Championships and culminating in last year's Class AA state runner up!  Coach Neisler and I owe so much to these young ladies and their positive leadership ... we are so happy you decided to help us build this program.  We couldn't be more proud to be your coaches.  Let's send them off with some great memories ... go U-High!

The Sectional assignments are attached.

Time Schedule:
3:00p Weigh in for shot, disc and vaulters opens
3:30p Coaches Meeting
4:00p Field events begin (Pole vault, high jump, flight 1 of shot put, flight 1 of discus, long jumps both flights, triple jump to follow long jump)
5:00p  100 prelims, 4 heats,winners plus next 4 fastest
5:15p 100 hurdles prelims, 3 heats, winners plus next 5 fastest
5:30p 200 prelims, 5 heats, winners plus next 3 fastest
5:45p 3200 run (heat 1)
6:05p 3200M Relay
6:20p 400M Relay
6:35p 3200M Run (Heat 2)
6:50p 100M Hurdle Finals
6:55p 100M Dash - wheelchair Finals
7:00p 100M Dash Finals
7:05p 800 Wheelchair Final
7:15p 800M Run Finals (2 Heats)
7:30p 800M Relay (2 Heats)
7:45p 400M Dash Finals (4 Heats)
8:00p 300M Hurdles (4 Heats)
8:10p 1600M Run (2 Heats)
8:20p 200M Dash Wheelchair Finals
8:30p 200M Dash Finals
8:40p 1600M Relay (2 Heats)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Track News, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful track moms out there ... we appreciate all you do for us!

Congratulations to our Corn Belt Conference Champion Girl's Track Team!  The coaching staff is proud of these young ladies who fought through adversity to capture their second conference championship in a row.  So happy for them and thankful to all who came out to cheer on our athletes.  Having the boys win too made for a memorable day!

A few quick notes to the athletes ...

Tomorrow's practice will be held at IWU at 330p.  Bring spikes and a water bottle.  Coach Neisler will be handling practice (I will be out of town for the day) so if you have questions, please see him at school.

Since we will not have anyone to supervise practice at school, anyone not assigned to the sectional team will not have practice tomorrow.

Reminder, Thursday is Sectionals at Dunlap High School!  It's our most important meet of the year ... drink water, eat well and get your sleep!  Top two finishers in each event goes to state as well as anyone making the state qualifying standard.  Please plan to stay to help each athlete do their best and our team compete for a third sectional championship in a row.   You may get home a little later, but each teammate deserves your support.  If you love track, it doesn't get any better than this time of year!

I will send out a copy of Sectional Assignments tomorrow after they have been finalized.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Track Notes, May 8, 2015

Tonight is the Corn Belt Conference Championship at Bloomington Central Catholic High School.  This is a combined boys and girls meet.
Athletes, as in all in town meets, are responsible for getting to the meet on their own.

The Pioneers, both boys and girls teams, are the defending conference champions ... please come to support your favorite athletes and help us defend our titles!!

Meet information is as folllows:
4:00pm Field Events (Boys Shot/Girls Disc/Girls HJ/Boys Long Jump/Girls PV)
      There will be a bus to shuttle people from the track to the Discus ring
4:45 Preliminary Sprints (100H, 110H, 100G, 100B)
5:30 Finals

Meet assignments are attached.

Jessica Baker, Madison Sapp, Lauren Seaver, Katie Reeves, Lexie Rowe and Dasha O'Shea will be released from school at 2:30p to be able to get to CCHS in time to prepare for their events.  All other athltes assigned should be at CCHS by 3:30p.  Drive safely!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Track Notes, May 4, 2015

Congratulations to our girls for their impressive 2nd place finish at the Urbana Invite last Friday against an impressive field.   We are proud of this group!

Tomorrow is the Cornbelt Fresh/Soph Conference meet to be held at Eureka High School.

 Lexie Rowe, Lauren Seaver, McKenna Sapp, Jessica Baker, Ana Tulley, Bri Pinter and Danielle Kinsella will be dismissed from school at 2p.  They will leave on a mini bus Coach Carr will be driving at 2:30p to have time to prepare for their 4p events. All remaining athletes will be dismissed at their usual time and the bus will leave as soon as possible after ... no later than 3:10p.  Please be ready on time! Coach Shaver will be supervising the bus we will share with the boys FS team.

This meet will be the last for some of our athletes.  We have an outstanding group of young athletes on this team and unfortunately, we cannot place every one of them in our championship meets these next two weeks.  Success in track is measured by much more than times or distances.  Friendship, sportsmanship, camaraderie, improvement in skill/speed, fun ... show the season was a success.  So proud of these young athletes and hope they feel their time and effort was well placed.   These young ladies epitomize the term "student athletes" and have represented our team very well!  Hope to see many of you at the meet tomorrow!  (Bring rain gear!)

Meet information:
Event assignments are attached.
Order of Events and Time Schedule

3:30pm - Coaches Meeting
4:00pm – Field Events
All athletes will be provided three preliminary attempts in the shot put, discus, long jump and triple jump events.  Top 9 will advance to final for three more attempts.  Field Events will be run in flights.  Athletes should report to field event by 3:45 pm.  See order of field events below.
  High Jump (girls first) – Opening heights (To be determined)
  Long Jump (boys and girls run at the same time dual pits)
  Girls Discus followed by Girls Shot Put
  Boys Shot Put followed by Boys discus
  Triple Jump (girls and boys following long jump run at the same time dual pits)
  Pole Vault (boys first) – Opening heights (To be determined)

4:45 pm – Preliminary Running Events
Boys 110 M. HH
Girls 100 M. HH
Girls/Boys 100 M. Dash

5:30PM – Final Running events.  Girls will run before the boys in all events.
3200 Meter Relay
400 Meter Relay
3200 Meter Run
100 High Hurdles
110 High Hurdles
100 Meter Dash
800 Meter Run
800 Meter Relay
400 Meter Dash
300 Meter Hurdles
1600 Meter Run
200 Meter Dash
1600 Meter Relay

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Track Notes, April 30, 2015

Tomorrow is the Urbana Invitational.  This is a limited assignment meet.  Athletes assigned will be dismissed from school at 2p and the bus will leave at 215p.  Meet information and heat sheets are attached.

Please remember ... Tuesday May 5, 2015 is the Fresh/Soph Corn Belt Conference Championships at Eureka.   Friday, May 8 is the Varsity Corn Belt Conference Championships at CCHS

The assignments for tomorrow are:

9th Annual UHS Girls Track
Invitational 2015 registration for University (Normal) (W) as of 04/29/15 13:36 PM

Women's 100m  Dash Open:
    Smiley, Spencer: 13.4, McDowell, Janelle: 13.79

Women's 200m  Dash Open:
    McDowell, Janelle: 28.37, Pinter, Brianna: 28.0

Women's 400m  Dash Open:
    Henry, Kara: 1:05.0, Mosley, Brooklyn:1:03.82

Women's 800m  Run Open:
    Nanni, Amber: 2:27.1, Herrman, Katie: 2:39.93

Women's 1,600m  Run Open:
    Supan, Shannan: 5:31.0,  Madix, Riley: 5:40.0

Women's 3,200m  Run Open:
    Supan, Shannan: 11:50, Kamatar, Advika: 12:15

Women's 100m  Hurdles Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 15.23, Henry, Kara: 16.08

Women's 300m  Low Hurdles Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 44.86, Sapp, McKenna: 50.42

Women's 4 x 100m  Relay Open:
 A: 51.85 (Smiley,Mathieson,McDowell,Gilbert)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Open:
    A: 1:46.80 (Smiley,Mathieson,Gilbert,Stonewall)

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Open:
A: 4:26.22 (Mosley,Nanni,Seaver,Shepherd)

Women's 4 x 800m  Relay Open:
    A: 9:40.23 (Nanni,Landess,Shepherd,LaFayette)

Women's High Jump Open:
    O'Shea, Dasha: 4' 8", Rowe, Lexie: 5' 1"

Women's Pole Vault Open:
    Reeves, Katie: 10' 0", Seaver, Lauren: 10' 0"

Women's Long Jump Open:
    Pinter, Brianna: 16' 10", Styczynski, Michelle: 15' 3.5"

Women's Triple Jump Open:
    Henry, Kara: 34' 0", Pinter, Brianna: 33' 10"

Women's Shot Put Open:
    Sapp, Madison: 31' 2",  Ziemer, Bre: 26' 0"

Women's Discus Throw Open:
    Sapp, Madison: 89' 0", Baker, Jessica: 117' 5"

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Track Notes, April 26, 2105

Bloomington/Normal Intercity Classic

Monday is the Intercity Meet at CCHS.  This meet includes Varsity and JV events!   I hope you are able to come watch what is always an exciting meet for city wide bragging rights.   There are some very talented athletes in Bloomington - Normal including our very own.  It will be the last time our intercity Seniors will all be in the same meet competing against one another.  It's my hope they all know how much we enjoyed watching them compete, regardless of what uniform they wear.  That being said ... Go Pioneers!  Our active Seniors are Danielle Baker, Katie Herrman and Ashley LaFayette.   Come show our appreciation for their dedication and commitment, and especially their leadership, these last few years.  Coach Niesler and I couldn't be more proud of these young ladies as they have helped to build our program through these years.  Our program has flourished since they have arrived and I cannot imagine where our program would be without them.  Seniors Jaida McDowell, Brooke McKinney and Sydney Kneller have also contributed to our team this year in a non-competition role and we want to recognize them also.  Please consider coming out to cheer on our athletes as they compete for a city championship ... it's time we let them know how proud we are of the way they represent our school community.

There will be 2 entries per varsity event and 3 entries per JV event.  The JV portion will be non-scored. The top 5 individual finishers on the varsity level will receive medals. The relays will receive awards through 4th place. Medals will be given for 1st through 3rd on the JV level. The field events start at 4:30 and the running events at 5:00.

Assignments for the Intercity Meet: (Adjustments to the relays will be made at the discretion of the coaches ... there are no changes allowed to the open assignments.)

2015 Bloomington/Normal Intercity Classic registration for University (Normal)

Women's 100m  Dash Junior Varsity Open:
    Smith, Aubrie: 14.5
    Feely, Katie: 15.61
    Wilbert-Davis, Nahdia: NT

Women's 100m  Dash Varsity Open:
    Smiley, Spencer: 13.61
    McDowell, Janelle: 13.79

Women's 200m  Dash Junior Varsity Open:
    Tulley, Anna: NT
    French, Alexis: NT
    Feely, Katie: NT

Women's 200m  Dash Varsity Open:
    Seaver, Lauren: 28.5
    Mathieson, Micayla: 28.5

Women's 400m  Dash Junior Varsity Open:
    Tulley, Anna: 1:13.00
    Baker, Danielle : 1:08.0
    Raycraft, Katherine: 1:19.52

Women's 400m  Dash Varsity Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 58.5
    Mosley, Brooklyn: 1:03.82

Women's 800m  Run Junior Varsity Open:
    Herrman, Katie: 2:39.93
    Reeves, Katie: 2:40
    Rutherford, Megan: 2:56.0

Women's 800m  Run Varsity Open:
    Landess, Madigan: 2:27.00
    Shepherd, Ally: 2:28.11

Women's 1,600m  Run Junior Varsity Open:
    Herrman, Katie: 5:54.0
    Madix, Riley: 5:48.1
    Kamatar, Advika: 5:46.49

Women's 1,600m  Run Varsity Open:
    LaFayette, Ashley: 5:25.18
    Supan, Shannan: 5:35.35

Women's 3,200m Run Junior Varsity Open:
    Madix, Riley: 12:15

Women's 3,200m  Run Varsity Open:
    LaFayette, Ashley: 11:45
    Supan, Shannan: 11:50

Women's 100m Hurdles Varsity Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 15.30
    Henry, Kara: 16.08

Women's 300m  Low Hurdles Junior Varsity Open:
    Sapp, McKenna: 50.42

Women's 300m Low Hurdles Varsity Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 44.86
    Henry, Kara: 50.1

Women's 4 x 100m  Relay Junior Varsity Open:
    A: 58.0 (Smith,Sendelbach,Kiefer,Sapp)

Women's 4 x 100m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 52.10 (Smiley,Gilbert,Seaver,Mathieson)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Junior Varsity Open:
    A: 1:57.0 (Kiefer,Sendelbach,Pinter,Walker)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 1:46.80 (Smiley,Mathieson,Gilbert,Stonewall)

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Junior Varsity Open:
    A: 4:26.22 (Smith,Raycraft,Feely,Walker)

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 4:26.22 (Mosley,Walker,Baker,Styczynski)

Women's 4 x 800m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 9:40.23 (Nanni,Kamatar,Shepherd,Landess)

Women's High Jump Varsity Open:
    Rowe, Lexie: 5' 1"

Women's Pole Vault Junior Varsity Open:
    Sapp, McKenna: 9' 6"

Women's Pole Vault Varsity Open:
    Reeves, Katie: 10' 0"
    Seaver, Lauren: 10' 0"

Women's Long Jump Junior Varsity Open:
    Pena, Joselyn: 13' 3.5"
    Kinsella, Danielle: 12' 0"

Women's Long Jump Varsity Open:
    Pinter, Brianna: 16' 10"
    Styczynski, Michelle: 15' 3.5"

Women's Triple Jump Junior Varsity Open:
    Pena, Joselyn: 24' 9"
    Kinsella, Danielle: 27' 4.25"
    Styczynski, Michelle: 30' 9.25"

Women's Triple Jump Varsity Open:
    Henry, Kara: 34' 0"
    Pinter, Brianna: 33' 4"

Women's Shot Put Junior Varsity Open:
    Ziemer, Bre: 26' 0"
    Baker, Jessica: 25' 2.25"

Women's Shot Put Varsity Open:
    Sapp, Madison: 31' 2"
    Halman, Synclaire: 32' 3"

Women's Discus Throw Junior Varsity Open:
    Ziemer, Bre: 67' 4"
    Halman, Synclaire: 73' 0"

Women's Discus Throw Varsity Open:
    Sapp, Madison: 89' 0"
    Baker, Jessica: 117' 5"

Friday, April 24, 2015

Track Notes, April 23, 2015

Tomorrow is the Dunlap Relays hosted by Dunlap High School.  This meet is a limited entry meet and with limited bus space, only the athletes participating will go to the meet. Athletes participating will be dismissed from school at 1:30p and the bus will leave at 1:45p.

Please bring warm clothes and rain gear ... there is a chance of showers.

  • Sprint Medley Relay; (200-200-400-800) Gilbert. Sendelbach, Mosely, Madix
  • Sprint Medley Relay; (100-100-200-400) Gilbert, Seaver, Baker, Walker
  • 4 x 100; Sapp, Sendelbach, Seaver McDowell
  • 100M; Tuttle
  • 4 x 200; McDowell, Keifer, Walker, Pinter
  • 300H; Sapp, Henry
  • 1600; Herrman
  • 4 x 400; Mosely, Shepard, Reeves, Baker
  • Shot Put; Sapp, Ziemer
  • Discus; Baker, Sapp
  • HJ; Rowe
  • PV; Reeves, Seaver
  • LJ; Pinter, Henry
  • TJ; Pinter, Henry

Field events begin at 4:00 pm.  Running events begin at 5:00 pm. The seniors will be honored in the middle of the meet.  See tentative schedule below.

5:00 Girls 4×800
5:15 Boys 4×800
5:30 F/S Boys 4×100
5:35 Girls 4×100
5:40 Boys 4×100
5:45 Boys 3200
6:00 Girls 800 Medley
6:10 F/S Boys Medley
6:20 Girls 300 low hurdles (2 heats, at most)
6:30 Boys 300 intermediate hurdles (2 heats, at most)
6:40 Senior introductions
6:50 Girls 1600 Medley
7:00 Boys 1600 Medley
7:10 Girls 100 (2 heats, at most)
7:20 Co-ed 4×100
7:30 Girls 4×200
7:40 Boys 4×200
7:50 Girls 1600
8:05 F/S Boys 4×400
8:15 Girls 4×400
8:25 Boys 4×400

Monday is Intercity at CCHS ... please mark your calendar!  We would love to see all of you there!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Track Notes, April 20, 2015

Thanks for all who came out on a beautiful Friday night to watch an exciting meet!  We are very proud of our girls and the way they competed against some very good teams  There were many highlights for the Pioneers  ...   We placed second out of 23 teams losing only to perennial track powerhouse Springfield Southeast.  Our 4 x 800 team of Amber Nanni, Madigan Landess, Shannan Supan and Ashley LaFayette won while posting the best 2A time in the state so far this year running 9:40.23.  Chante Stonewall also set a Class 2A state best time in the 300 Hurdles running 44.86. Chante also won the 100 Hurdles.  She joined Spencer Smiley, Micayla Matheison and Nia Gilbert in a season best 4 x 200, nearly 2 seconds faster than state qualifying time.  I could go through the line up and list season and personal bests for almost every single athlete but will spare you some reading ... The coaching staff is very proud of our athletes and the way they represented University High School!

Tomorrow there are two meets.  Assignments are attached:  CCHS assignments Oly assignments

Field events begin at 4p with the events listed below.  All other field events will follow.  Running begins at 430p.

Those going to Oly will leave by bus immediately after school with the exception of the following:
The following events will be released Tuesday at 2:00p
Girls HJ – Lexie Rowe, Amber Nanni
Boys/Girls LJ – Brianna Pinter, Michelle Styczynski/
Girls Discus – Madison Sapp, Jessica Baker
Boys/Girls PV – Katie Reeves, Lauren Seaver

Again, all other athletes assigned to Oly will leave on a bus as soon as possible after school, no later than 310p

Meet notes:
Athletes assigned to Central Catholic are responsible for getting to the meet on their own.  Field events start at 4:30p so those athletes need to get there early to warm up.  All athletes should be there by 4p.  Running begins at 515.

Please be sure to bring warm clothes and a blanket to the meets.  The temperature after dark will drop dramatically and the winds may be in the 20 -25 miles per hour range.    

Coach Hampton will be at the CCHS meet while the rest of the coaching staff will be at Oly.

Let me know if you have questions ... this will be our last split meet day.  Thanks so much for your patience!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Track Notes, April 16, 2015

Tomorrow is the Bloomington High School Lady Raider Invitational.  This is a meet which will have some very good local talent on display.  Should be a very fun and exciting evening of track and field.  The weather looks to be warm with very little wind.  Please consider coming out to watch the best this area has to offer ... our very own distance runners, sprinters, throwers and jumpers included!  Just check out the area honor role in today's paper.  UHSTF is well represented across events!   Nice job ladies ... we are proud of you!!

Field events begin at 4p and pre-lims at 430p.  There will be pre-lims in the 100, 100H and 200.  I have attached meet information and event assignments.

A couple of notes:
This is a limited entry meet so please check the event assignments.  All team members are expected at the meet unless you have been previously excused.
Any athlete assigned an event who is taking the ACT the next day can be excused after their events are over.  Support, encouragement, holding blocks and timing splits are just some of the things needed during a meet ... like any team, being there for teammates is an important role ... please help facilitate your athlete being at the entire meet.  I have always excused athletes who need to do something related to school and/or have family obligations but leaving to get ice cream doesn't quite meet those standards .... unless of course, you bring the coaches ice cream ... then that's good.

Three meets next week: Two on Tuesday; Olympia Relays and the Central Catholic Invite.  All healthy athletes should be competing at one of these two meets.   Next Friday is the Dunlap Relays and will be a limited entries meet.  There will be buses going to Oly and Dunlap but there will be no bus going to CCHS.  Athletes assigned to CCHS will need to arrange a ride.

Thanks to our parents for the snacks and water at the meets ... very much appreciated!  Thank you Mrs. Styczynski for organizing this.  Also, thanks to Mrs. Baker for keeping up out team blog site.  If you haven't checked it out yet, please go to U-High athletics web site and click on the Girl's Track connection.  It has schedule , notes, results, team records, team photo etc ... also the standard order of events for meets.

Please bring warm clothes to the meet ... a blanket for the cold metal seats in the stands may be in order also.  Hope to see you all out to support a hard working group of young ladies who deserve it!

Quote of the day:
"Be together. Not the same."

 Android commercial  (if you haven't seen it, check it out on u-tube.  Awesome!)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Track Notes, April 13, 2015

Two meets tomorrow ...assignments are attached.  There is no bus to the Bloomington JV Invite.  Athletes are responsible for getting to/from the meet.

Meet info is as follows:

Running Events 4:30 PM – Start
Field Events - begin at 4:00 PM

  • 3200m Relay 
  • 400m Relay 
  • 3200m Run 
  • 100m Hurdles 
  • 100m Dash – Timed Final
  • 800m Run 
  • 800m Relay 
  • 400m Dash 
  • 300m Hurdles 
  • 1600m Run 
  • 200m Dash – Timed Final
  • 1600m Relay 
  • Long Jump 
  • High Jump 
  • Shot Put 
  • Pole Vault 
  • Discus Throw (Contested after completion of SP) 
  • Triple Jump (Contested after completion of LJ)  

The Oly Meet begins with field events at 430p and running events at 5p. Order if events should be the same as above.

Please bring warm clothes ... it should be nice to begin with but it will cool down considerably after the sun goes down.  Oly can especially get cold with the ever present wind out there.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Track Notes, April 10, 2015

Tomorrow is the Metamora Invite ... we have limited entries for this meet so not every athlete will be participating.  Every healthy athlete available should participate in Tuesday's meets.  All team members are expected to be at the meet unless they have been excused by Coach Neisler or myself.

Some reminders about meet protocol ... if you plan to take your child home from the meet, there is a sign out sheet at the team camp.     It can be very hard to remember who said they were riding home with a parent when you are at a meet trying to keep up with 30 athletes.  We are responsible for getting your child to and from the meet and we cannot leave without knowing all athletes are accounted for.  Also please remember that athletes are not allowed to ride home with anyone other than their own parent unless I have a note, text or e-mail stating it is ok for them to do so.  Finally,  the athletes are asked to stay for the entire meet, especially on weekends when there is no school the next day, to support their teammates.   Coach and I will make exceptions to this when asked to do so for family obligations or an special event.  Track meets are made up of individual events but there are no team sports where athletes can leave in the middle of competition for convenience purposes.  These reminders are just so all our new members know what the expectations for the athletes are.  Thanks for helping us build/support this team!  Our parents are terrific and are very much appreciated!

Meet information is attached.  Athletes should be at school by 7:30a tomorrow morning for the bus. Weather looks nice ... remember water, snacks and money for food.  A long sleeve t-shirt may help to keep sun off the athletes while they are waiting/warmimg up for their events.

Team members ... please forward this to teammates who are not on the distribution list.

Please let me know if you have questions.  I will forward assignments later today.  Thanks!

Attached are tomorrow's event assignments.

Tuesday we are split with a meet at Bloomington High School and another at Olympia High School. We hope to have all healthy athletes involved.  There will be a bus to Oly but there is NO bus to Bloomington HS.  I will try to get assignments out as soon as possible, hopefully late Sunday,  so you can plan to get the younger athlete to BHS if they are assigned there.  They are allowed to ride with another student only with permission of their parent.  I can give a ride to up to 6 athletes if needed.

Monday, April 6, 2015


As of the last hour, we have a meet tomorrow in Eureka,   This meet has been on our schedule but through a miscommunication in Eureka, we were told it was boys only this year.  It isn't and we were called and invited at the last minute.  I accepted the invite as it gives us a chance for every healthy athlete to participate in a meet.

It does, however, present some last minute logistical issues.   If it is not possible for your daughter to participate in the meet due to a schedule conflict, they will be excused from track for tomorrow.  All available athletes will be taking a bus which will leave as soon as possible after school tomorrow.  Please bring uniform, spikes, warm clothes (it will be cold by the end of the meet), a rain jacket, snacks, water and money in case you want food (There is a concession stand which was open last year).

I apologize for the late notice but I consider it a good opportunity for our less experienced athletes to compete in a meet that is more casual than an invite.  This meet has allowed us unlimited entries in the past ... this allows all jumpers to jump, throwers to throw etc ...

If you are unable to participate, please let me know as soon as possible ... you can e-mail me at this address or text me at 309/310-3018.
Please get the word out ... help by calling and texting teammates to be sure they know as soon as possible.  If you know someone who does not get these e-mails, please forward it to them.
Parents ... Let me know if you have questions ... thanks as always for your support of our team and our athletes!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Track Notes, April 2, 2015

A short note ... unusual for me, I know.

Easter weekend ... We will have practice on Friday and Monday at IWU at 9a.  Anyone out of town or having specific family plans at these times can be excused.  I'm asking all available athletes to be at these practices as we rarely have facilities like these to practice in.  This week and next is an important stretch of our training and having jump pits, hurdles and a track is quite honestly, an Easter gift I wasn't expecting!

Practice will end by 11:30 unless someone wants to stay a little longer for extra work.  We will be finished completely by 12n.

Coach Neisler may be having the distance crew on a slightly different schedule so those athletes need to check in with him at practice tonight.