Wednesday, April 13, 2011

From Coach on 4/13

A really good day for University High!!

Congrats to our Boys team ... they had some great performances ... super effort on their part. I was grateful for their encouragement to our team also!

I could not be more proud of your efforts last night! It seemed like everyone had season bests and PR's ... Caila in the 200, Rachel in the 300 hurdles (She won!) ... The Vance sisters PR'ed in their jumps ... Ericka was a one woman sprint team with three victories and another 2nd! Jordan's first 400 was among our team best 400's this year and throw in a 1st in TJ and a 4th place in the 100. Kelsey, Emily, Syd and Morgan ran our best (by far) 4 X 800 this year. Morgan .. 2 2nd places and a good 800 (6th).

Emily Clay and Liz Composto were just awesome ... versatile athletes who work so hard. I'm pretty sure they have been entered in 4 events all year and won or placed in each event they were in. Emily won the 800, 1600, PV and was 2nd in the other. Liz was 2nd in 100m hurdles, long jump, 400m relay and 3rd in PV.

I have to say thanks to our Senior leaders ... Emily B, Emily C., Natalie, Liz, Kelsey, ... your leadership is why this team is successful and a joy to be around! I had several nice comments about our team's performance last night! You should be proud! I know I am happy with the effort and proud of both teams! I can't wait to hear the details from Oly! Thanks!