Friday, May 6, 2011

Cornbelt Conference Information 5/06/2011

All Field event participants will be dismissed at 2:15p and leave for Olympia at 2:30p.

All other athletes and team members  will be dismissed at their regular time and leave by bus at 3:15p.
Field events begin at 4p.
Running prelims start at 5p and finals begin soon after ... around 5:30p.

A few things to remember ...

This is a combined boys/girls meet and a six lane track.
The meet will most likely last longer than our typical meets. Please bring warm clothes!
This is our most important meet to date. It is the culmination of a season’s work.
This team has worked through cold, snow, rain and wind. You have endured the miles, weights and workouts ... together!
I hope all athletes attending plan to stay for the duration. Your teammates deserve your support and encouragement!

If you must leave and you rode the bus, I must have a note from a parent and/or your parent must see me before you can leave the meet.

Athletes cannot ride home with anyone other than a parent.

If parents are attending (and I hope we have a crowd!), they(you) should be prepared for the temps to drop through the evening.