Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How few there are!

Reviewing the entries into this week's State Meet ... I'm struck by just how few actually make it! Out of thousands of athletes across Illinois, only a handful will participate this weekend across the three classes. Congratulations one more time to Emily, Liz, Jordan, Erika and Syd. I really like what I see in the entries... our athletes have a very good chance to make the finals and place this weekend. Parents, teammates and friends should consider finding a way down to Charleston Saturday to watch the finals. If you have not had the opportunity to watch this meet, you have missed what observers call one of the most well run and competitive meets in the nation. Illinois athletes consistently turn in some of the nation's best results in their respective events. Illinois is often the second or third most highly recruited state in the nation for track athletes. A showcase event for great athletes ... come support our state finalists!

I will be at practice today, tomorrow and Wednesday. I would like all uniforms, washed and returned to me this week. It is best to return them to me yourself ... this would ensure I check your name off the list. Giving them to someone else to return always seems to cause issues. For those of you who still have a second, older uniform, please return those this week also. Finally, the "speed jerseys" issued will make the trip to Charleston with us so please bring these too (Washed!).