Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final 2012 Track Notes

Some end of the season notes ...

Congratulations to our state qualifying athletes. We had 5 scoring opportunities Saturday morning which placed in as good a position as anyone to compete. I couldn't be more proud of our young team. We finished the year in 9th place at state, 2nd in Sectionals and 3rd in the Corn Belt Conference, competing all year with teams with much larger student populations. A gutsy young team with exemplary upper class leadership.

This season captured the best of Track and Field. This team has some outstanding athletes competing with the state's best, more yet are hard working student athletes working towards their personal goals. Some met their personal and team goals while others experienced the frustration and heart break of injuries/illness. Although the season was not what they had hoped for, I was impressed with how they continued to work and support their teammates. Working towards goals despite setbacks, handling disappointment with grace and character and a commitment to others are all part of the success we hope to foster. It's my hope all our athletes feel some measure of success, they all have much to be proud of. Being on the track or in the field can be wonderful and/or harsh, but I believe it will always beat sitting on the sidelines playing it safe. So despite whether they were state qualifiers or working through constant injury/illness, I am happy they were a part of our team and hope they will not trade away the experience ... it's a great teacher.

We are planning an end of the year team and family picnic next Tuesday, May 29th. It will be held at Lyndsay's Grandparent's (My in-laws) farm from 5p to 8p. Sand volleyball, bags, ultimate frisbee and whatever other games this creative bunch can organize without causing bodily harm will be the order of the day. I plan to supply the hotdogs for roasting on a fire. If you are able to attend, please bring a dish/dessert to share. In addition, Juniors can bring buns, Sophomores water and Freshmen chips. Although this will be an informal gathering, we will hand out awards right after we eat. To help us prepare, please RSVP to me by e-mail by this Sunday, May 27th. Please include how many of your family will attend.

I need to collect uniforms! Please turn in your uniforms to Coach Neisler or myself only! (Please don't just leave your uniform in Coach Neisler's or Coach Hampton's classroom or office.) Make every effort to get this done this week. We must check your name off the uniform list so you are not charged the cost of the uniform. I will be at school today in the lounge area after school dismisses to collect them if you have them with you. You can also bring them to the picnic. Seniors, please return your uniform at the picnic or today, but please turn them in ... we really need them back for the program's sake! Thanks!

A special thanks goes to Coach Simple who volunteered nearly everyday to help our sprint athletes. He has been a extraordinary help to our team and we honestly could not have been as successful without him. Please take the time to thank him for his generous gifts of time and experience ... great guy and teacher!

Thanks to all of our families for your support of our team this year. We have a wonderful and supportive core group. Your constant support of the athletes, positive attitude and patience has been on display all season. I can say without hesitation that it has been so helpful this year as the coaches worked to handle the everyday dynamics of 49 young athletes! We would not have been able to do it without your patience and understanding!

Please don't forget to RSVP!

Directions to the picnic:

Take Rt. 9 west of Bloomington approximately 4 miles to CR 750E. Turn right onto 750E and go north approximately 1 1/2 miles to drive directly across from large grain bins. Turn left onto drive and follow lane around the farm buildings to the cabin. My number is 309/310-3018 in case you get lost.

Quote of the Day:

"No magic potions ... no fairy dust. No one to push you ... no one to do it for you. Just one determined foot in front of the other.

(Take care of you ... condition and get fit!)