Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Track Notes, 2/26/13

Weather permitting, practice will start at 2:50p today.  I will e-mail you if anything changes.
If parents are needing to pick you up early today, please let Coach Neisler or I know and you will certainly be excused in time to be ready.

Tomorrow's practice may run a little long ... we are handing out uniforms tomorrow.  We went over this at the meeting, but just to be sure everyone is clear ... These are, by far, the nicest uniforms we have purchased for Track.  Uniforms, (Quality, assigning and returning) has been a consistent problem for many years.  We have chosen to address all the concerns by adopting the following guidelines regarding uniforms.  Each athlete will be assigned a uniform with an identifying number.  It is the responsibility of the athlete to keep track of, care for and ensure the uniforms are returned in good condition.  A lost and/or damaged uniform will result in the athlete being sent a bill from the school for the replacement cost of the uniform.   Also, please review the care instructions handed out at the Spring Sports Meeting.  This allows us to have consistently have high quality uniforms for upwards of 50 athletes from year to year without having to purchase new ones each year.  We are hoping the money saved will help us purchase better equipment in the future.  I will try to send out an electronic copy of the care instructions or post them on our web site.   Please care for these uniforms, it is important to our program.