Thursday, April 18, 2013

Track Notes, 4/18/13

Tomorrow is the Dunlap Relays.  This is the first time we have run in this meet although the boys have been at this meet before.  This meet replaces the Normal Community Invite.

The team will be dismissed from classes tomorrow at 1:30p and leave on the bus by 1:45p.  This meet is mostly relays and does not follow the traditional meet format.  I will include an order of events. The weather forecast is, unfortunately, typical for this season so far.  It may rain early and will be very cool (mid 30's) and some wind.  Please help us ensure your athlete is prepared.  Extra clothes, garbage bags to keep them dry, hat, gloves and a blanket or heavier jacket.  Water and snacks too ... may be a late night returning.

While our team is currently experiencing a few injuries to athletes, we have had several athletes step up to help the team be competitive.  We are hopeful all our sidelined athletes will return healthy very soon!  In the mean time, we continue to prepare for some important meets the next few weeks.  This coming Monday (4/22) is the Girl's Intercity at CCHS.   FS Conference is Tuesday, 4/30 at CCHS.  Varsity Conference is in two weeks, Friday, 5/3 at Prairie Central and Sectionals is three short weeks from today in Dunlap.  I am encouraged by and hopeful for this team.  Although they are a young team, they love to compete.  I also love the support this team has received from our parents.  We have been emphasizing to the team to take care of themselves during this training and competition "month".  You can continue to help your athlete by encouraging words, ensuring they eat well, drink plenty of water and get the rest they need.  I know the last part is hard to do with all the demands of school this time of year, so your support is crucial.  Team success can be a fragile and elusive goal ... our athletes being healthy is essential to reaching those goals.

We are expecting all athletes unless they have been excused from the meet.  This is especially important when transporting by bus ... we need to ensure we account for everyone.  If an athlete leaves early with a parent, they must be signed out by the parent before they leave.  It can be a task ensuring the safety of and accounting for 40+ athletes, one we take seriously ... your help is really appreciated!

Quote of the Day: (appropriate for this time of year)
"Take care of yourself.  Eat well, rest, train hard and smart, make time to think and breathe.  Be intentional with your time."
Kristin Armstrong
Dunlap Information
  • 4 trials only (no finals) in the shot put, discus, triple jump, and long jump.
  • The starting height of the bar in the high jump and pole vault will be determined by the games committee.
  • Long jump and triple jump will be cafeteria style with 45 minute jumping time.  Girls and Boys  -  4:00 to 4:45 p.m.
  • Triple Jump -  Girls and Boys  -  5:00 to 5:45 p.m.
Boys and girls scored separately.
Girls    -           Individual events    10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 - 1
                        Relay events             10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 - 1
Boys and Girls Plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and Combination Boys and Girls Trophy
Medals for 1st through 6th place.  Coaches may pick up awards in the press box at the conclusion of the meet.
Order of Events:
4:00 p.m.
  • Boys Pole Vault – Girls to follow
  • Girls Shot
  • Boys Discus
  • Girls Long Jump -  4:00 to 4:45 p.m.
  • Boys Long Jump – 4:00 to 4:45 p.m.
  • Girls High Jump
5:00 p.m.
  • Boys High Jump
  • Girls & Boys Triple Jump
  • Girls Discus
  • Boys Shot Put
5:00 p.m.
Girls               -           3200m (4 x 800m) Relay      
Boys                -           3200m  (4 x 800m) Relay     
F/S                  -           400m     (4 x 100m) Relay      
Girls               -           400m      (4 x 100m) Relay     
Varsity           -           400m       (4 x 100m) Relay      
Boys                -           3200m Run                           
Girls               -           800m Medley Relay  (100m-100m-200m-400m) 
Boys F/S         -           Sprint Relay  (100m-100m-200m-400m)   
Girls               -           305m Hurdle Shuttle
Boys                -           330m  Intermediate Shuttle
Girls               -           1600m  Medley Relay(200m-200m-400m-800m)      
Boys                -           1600m Medley Relay(200m-200m-400m-800m)
Girls               -           100m Dash  (Finals)                       No Prelims
Co-Ed (W.P.)   -           400m (4 x 100) Relay- two girls & two boys (throwers)
Girls               -           800m (4 x 200m) Relay      
Varsity           -           800m (4 x 200m) Relay      
Girls               -           1600m Run       
F/S                  -           1600m (4 x 400m) Relay      
Girls               -           1600m  (4 x 400m) Relay      
Varsity          -           1600m  (4 x 400m) Relay      

Event assignments:
Sprint Medley 2,2,4,800m
V-A1 9 Micayla Mathieson  
V-A2 9 Spencer Smiley
V-A3 11 Erika Simple
V-A4 11 Sydney Billingsley

Sprint Medley 1,1,2,400m
V-A1 9 LeeNaya Brewer 
V-A2 9 Micayla Mathieson
V-A3 9 Spencer Smiley
V-A4 12 Alexandra Walch

4x800 Relay
V-A1 12 Alexandra Walch 
V-A2 9 Madigan Landess
V-A3 9 Brianne Kirchgessner
V-A4 11 Sydney Billingsley 

4x100 Relay
V-A1 9 LeeNaya Brewer 
V-A2 9 Micayla Mathieson
V-A3 9 Spencer Smiley
V-A4 11 Erika Simple

100 Meters
V 10 Danielle Baker  
V 10 Sydney Kneller 

4x200 Relay
V-A1 9 Maya Mwilambwe  
V-A2 9 Kara Henry
V-A3 10 Katelyn Matchett
V-A4 9 Demi Fritz 

300m Hurdles
c 9 Kara Henry 
c 9 Dasha O'Shea
c 9 Michelle Styzczynski 

1600 Meters
V 10 Ashley Lafayette  
V 9 Madigan Landess

4x400 Relay
V-A1 10 Danielle Baker 
V-A2 11 Erika Simple
V-A3 11 Anna Trevarathan
V-A4 9 Michelle Styzczynski

Shot Put (4:00 PM)
V 11 Gabi Jacobs  
V 9 Synclaire Halman

High Jump (4:00 PM)
V 9 Dasha O'Shea  
V 9 Maya Mwilambwe

Long Jump (4:00 PM)
V 10 Katelyn Matchett 
V 9 Michelle Styzczynski

Discus (5:00 PM)
V 11 Gabi Jacobs 
V 9 Synclaire Halman

Triple Jump (5:00 PM)
V 9 Kara Henry