Monday, April 8, 2013

Track Notes, 4/8/13

Congratulations to the U-High Girl's Track team! Winners of the 12 team Metamora Invite on Saturday. Proud of you!

A huge thanks to all the parents, family and friends who came out on a very windy day to watch our girls compete.  They were rewarded with a good meet despite yet another typical "spring day" in central Illinois.
Gabi Jacobs set a new school record in the outdoor shot put at 43' 7.5"!  

Event winners included Gabi in the Shot Put, Chante Stonewall in the 300 Hurdles, 4 x 100 (Erika Simple, Micayla Mathieson, Spencer Smiley, Jasmine McDowell), Dasha O'Shea in the High Jump and the 4 x 400 team (Erika Simple, Dasha O'Shea, Jasmine McDowell, Chante Stonewall).

Event scorers were;
4 x 800 - (Cassie Frank, Bri Kirchgessner, Madigan Landess, Alexandra Walch) 4th
FS 4 x 200 - (Micayla Mathieson, Danielle Baker, Katelyn Matchett, Sydney Kneller) 4th
3200 - Shannon Supan 2nd and Ashley LaFayette 4th
100 Hurdles - Chante Stonewall 2nd
1600 - Ashley LaFayette 5th and Shannon Supan 6th
400 - Erika Simple 2nd
300 Hurdles - Kara Henry 2nd
200 Spencer Smiley 5th
Triple Jump - Jasmine McDowell 3rd and Kara Henry 4th
Long Jump - Katelyn Matchett 5th

Busy Day tomorrow, Please read note carefully!
Tomorrow we have a split squad with Juniors and Seniors going to the Olympia, Clinton @ Lincoln meet.  The meet is scheduled to start at 4:30p The bus will leave as soon as possible after school ends.  Athletes should be ready to board the bus no later than 3:10p.  Event assignments for this meet will be made this afternoon at practice.

Freshmen and Sophomores will be at the BHS FS Invite.

There is rain in the forecast tomorrow and athletes should be prepared for getting wet.  Please bring multiple plastic garbage bags, one to place wet clothes in, another to keep your bag dry and another just in case you need it to keep yourself dry.  If it does rain, be sure to completely dry your running shoes and spikes after the meet. (Stuffing them with newspaper helps dry out the inside)

Bloomington High School Freshmen/Sophomore Invite
Tomorrow, weather cooperating, the Freshmen and Sophomores will be going to Bloomington High School to compete at the Bloomington FS Invite.  There is no bus to this meet.  Athletes and their parents are responsible for transportation to the meet.  You can contact other parents directly to arrange for sharing rides. I will not need to have a note from you as the school is not responsible for getting the athletes to and from the meet.  I will be at school at 3p to provide rides for those athletes who do not have other means of transportation to the meet.  I will be leaving school by 3:15p.  Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be needing a ride.  There will NOT be early dismissal from school.  All athletes assigned to participate should be at Bloomington High School as soon as possible after school ends.  Field event athletes should try to be at BHS by 3:30p. Field Events will begin at 4:00 PM:

Long Jump
High Jump
Shot Put
Pole Vault
Discus Throw
(Contested after completion of SP)
Triple Jump
(Contested after completion of LJ)

Running Events, in their usual order start at 4:30p  All running event athletes should try to be at BHS by 3:45p but no later than 4p.

3200m Relay
400m Relay
3200m Run
100m Hurdles
100m Dash - Timed Final
800m Run
800m Relay
400m Dash
300m Hurdles
1600m Run
200m Dash - Timed Final
1600m Relay

4x800 Relay
FS-A1 9 Madigan Landess
FS-A2 10 Cassie Frank
FS-A3 10 Ashley Lafayette
FS-A4 9 Shannan Supan

4x100 Relay
FS-A1 10 Sydney Kneller
FS-A2 10 Danielle Baker
FS-A3 9 Joselyn Pena
FS-A4 9 Jaida McDowell

100m Hurdles
FS 9 Chante Stonewall
FS 9 Kara Henry

100 Meters
FS 9 Micayla Mathieson
FS 9 LeeNaya Brewer

800 Meters
FS 9 Brianne Kirchgessner
FS 10 Samantha Shaffer

4x200 Relay
FS-A1 9 Micayla Mathieson
FS-A2 9 Maya Mwilambwe
FS-A3 10 Katelyn Matchett
FS-A4 9 Spencer Smiley

400 Meters
FS 10 Danielle Baker
FS 9 Mary Spaulding

300m Hurdles
FS 9 Chante Stonewall
FS 9 Dasha O'Shea

1600 Meters
FS 9 Madigan Landess
FS 10 Cassie Frank

200 Meters
FS 9 Spencer Smiley
FS 9 Kara Henry

4x400 Relay
FS-A1 9 Marissa Jordan
FS-A2 9 Maya Mwilambwe
FS-A3 10 Sydney Kneller
FS-A4 9 Michelle Styzczynski

Shot Put
FS 9 Madison Sapp
FS 9 Synclaire Halman

FS 9 Madison Sapp
FS 9 Synclaire Halman

High Jump
FS 9 Dasha O'Shea
FS 9 Maya Mwilambwe

Long Jump
FS 9 Michelle Styzczynski
FS 9 Marissa Jordan

Triple Jump
FS 9 Kara Henry