Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Track Notes, 3/5/14

Parents and athletes:

I have lots of information to relay to you so this note will be longer than usual.  Our first meet is this Saturday, March 8.  It is the University High School Invitational hosted by ISU.  Although ISU handles the majority of the logistics, we are University High School and want to present the best our school has to offer.  Please be aware of our role as meet hosts and that we are at all times representing U-High, on the track and in the stands.  I have faith this is always the case but since we have so many new members of our team, I want expectations to be clear.

We are handing out uniforms today at practice.  These are very expensive uniforms and we worked very hard to be able to buy them last year.  These uniforms should be kept out of plain view at meets when they are not being worn.  Laying on top of a bag in open view invites souvenir hunters and the replacement costs of these uniforms will be expensive.  Please help us emphasize keeping track of these uniforms.  Shorts are to be black running shorts or black spandex shorts.  Shorts are not provided although we will have the opportunity to purchase prior to outdoor season.  The uniform jerseys should be washed in cold water on gentle cycle and then air dry.  Please do not place them in dryer.

Please note that there may be some last minute changes to our relay line-ups.  All athletes are to bring their uniform and be prepared to compete, even if you are not currently listed as participating.

This meet does not post times for each event but runs continuously through the day.  I wish I were able to give each of you a precise time your athlete will compete but it is not possible.  Typically I do not allow use of cell phones at a meet unless they are calling for a ride but Saturday I will allow the girls to call you during the meet to let you know when they think they will be competing but it will be a best guess.  The good news is there will be continuous competition to watch if you get there a little early ... so enjoy!  Otherwise, the phone should be put away.  By rule, no electronic devices are allowed on the track level and athletes can be disqualified if they have them there.

All athletes are expected to be there the entire meet unless previously excused by a note from a parent.

Each athlete should bring a gym bag to include extra clothes, kleenex, socks, spikes if they have them, healthy snacks, WATER and anything else they may need during a pretty long day.  We will give the girls report times at practice and the meet should end between 3-4p.  They can purchase food, water and Gatoraide at the meet as well as a meet t-shirt if they would like so they made need money if they want to do so.

The girls are responsible for being on time.  Athletes should not leave Horton Field House without permission from Coach Niesler or I.   If your athlete needs to leave before the meet ends, please write me a note, preferably before Saturday.  We have 40 athletes, the majority of which are new to HS Track and Field and it will be all we can do to keep up getting them to the declaration area and competition on time.  Throw in watching each compete and giving them feedback and ... you get the idea.   We would prefer not dealing with excusing athletes early on Saturday but if something comes up and they must leave early, they need to let Coach Neisler or I know.

Saturday's Meet is the first meet of the year for many teams.  We have told our athletes what we expect the meet to be ... a chance to see where we are at and to have a look at our competition.  It is easy to place too much emphasis on what should just be an experience (hopefully a good one) and fun day of competition.  Help us keep the expectations that simple bc at this time of year, the meet is really just a starting point.

Only workers, coaches and competing athletes (or waiting to compete) are allowed on the track infield.  Our team will have an area, most likely on the upper west stands, we will use as our "camp".  A snack for the athletes is welcome if you are wanting to do so.  If it's something like cookies, they should be done competing before indulging.

The girls have been working very hard ... please remind them to drink water, eat well and often, stretch, rest and ice any aches or pains.

Athletes leaving this winter wonderland for break have let us know by now.  For those braving the central Illinois elements, we will have practice Monday and Tuesday morning.  The times have not been determined yet as we are waiting to hear from ISU whether or not Horton Field House will be available.  We hope to start practice at 8a. and finish around 10a.  After practice, for those wanting to, we like to meet at a local food stop, like  Panera for food and whining that WE didn't get to go to Florida.  For our younger athletes not able to drive yet ... you can grab a ride with a team member that can drive but please have your parent's permission.  I can give a ride to someone needing it also.

We have a meet Wednesday afternoon/evening, The West Indoor Meet which will be held at IWU.  This is a really good facility both for competing and watching.  Lots of local athletes so it should be fun to watch.  I will send out more information regarding the meet but it has several F/S relays so everyone here and healthy should get a chance to participate ... that's our hope anyway.   There will be no formal practice on Thursday and Friday, the 13th and 14th, although we may have voluntary practice each of those days.

Meet information:
Athletes assigned to Long Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault need to be at Horton Field House by 7:45a.
Athletes assigned to 60M Dash and 60M Hurdles need to be there by 8:45a and all other athletes need to be at Horton by 9a.

Field Events Schedule: Field events begin at 9a and will be continuous until conclusion.  
Pole Vault - Girl's (Boy's to follow)
Shot Put - Boy's competition first to conclusion with Girl's to follow.
Long Jump - Boy's (Girl's to Follow)
High Jump - Girl's (Boy's to Follow)
Triple Jump - Will begin after the long jump competition concludes.  Triple jump starts with boys competition followed by the Girl's competition.

Running Events Schedule: Running events start at 10a with 60M Dash prelims and will be continuous until conclusion
60 Meter Dash Prelims
60 Meter Hurdles Prelims
4 x 800 Relay
60 Meter Dash Finals
60 Meter Hurdle Finals
800 Meter Run Finals
4 x 200 Meter Relay
400 Meter Dash
1600 Meter Run Finals
200 Meter Dash Finals
4 x 400 Relay

Meet Assignments (as of today)
Shot Put           Gabi Jacobs, Madison Sapp, Synclaire Halman
High Jump        Dasha O'Shea, Leah Taylor, Amber Nanni
Long Jump       Michelle Styczynski, Raven Hughes, Brianna Pinter
Triple Jump      Dani Kinsella, Joselyn Pena, Dasha O'Shea
60M Dash         Micayla Mathieson, Rachel Fulop, Janelle McDowell
60M Hurdles     Kara Henry, Chante Stonewall
4 x 800 Relay   Madigan Landess, Sydney Billingsley, Lauren Rosenthal, Shannon Supan
800M Run         Madigan Landess, Nadia Kushro
4 x 200 Relay   Spencer Smiley, Nia Gilbert, Chante Stonewall, Raven Hughes
400M Dash       Danielle Baker, Anna Trevarathan, Briana Pinter
1600M Run       Sydney Billingsley, Lauren Rosenthal, Shannon Supan
200M Dash       Sydney Kneller, Jessica Huber, Jaida McDowell
4 x 400 Relay    Sydney Billingsley, Amber Nanni,Leah Taylor, Marissa Jordan

Get your rest Friday night, drink plenty of water and be careful what type of food you eat, especially Saturday morning.   It is, however, important you eat breakfast and drink water.   Skipping breakfast or trying something different like a new nutrition bar is a bad idea.  Eat foods you know are easy on your stomach ... save experimenting for a non-meet day!

Looking forward to our first meet ... hopefully you are able to come cheer for your favorite athlete!