Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pantagraph Honor Roll Meet TIME SENSITIVE ... PLEASE READ!

Just a reminder ... if you are on the attached Bloomington Area Honor Roll (which is longer than the one published in the Pantagraph), you are eligible to compete in the Honor Roll Meet on Tuesday.

The following athletes have told me they would like to compete and I have entered them into the meet:
  • Baker, Jessica  Discus Throw 
  • Pinter, Brianna  Long Jump 
  • Reeves, Katie  Pole Vault 
  • Stonewall, Chante  300 Meter Hurdles   
  • Stonewall, Chante  100 Meter Hurdles   
  • Styczynski, Michelle  Triple Jump   
If your name (or relay) is listed below and you would like to compete at this meet, you must let me know by tomorrow morning.  The deadline to enter or scratch an entry is tomorrow at noon.  Please do not have me enter you and then decide to scratch after noon tomorrow as it may take the spot of another athlete wanting to compete.