Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Track Notes, 5/6/14

Congratulations to our girls for their impressive victory at the Urbana Invite last Friday.  We won the 13 team event with a score of 115.33 to runner up Springfield Southeast's 77.  There were many outstanding performances ... Our 4 x 800 ran a time that a week ago would have been a school record.(9:48.68).  Sydney ran a gutsy 800M narrowly missing yet another school record and then winning the 1600M.  Gabi won the shot and discus ... again!  Chante won the 100M and 300M hurdle events (again) and then helped our 4 x 200 team to third against an outstanding sprint field.  Leah and Amber showcased their outstanding versatility  ... I could keep going but I'll end by saying this team demonstrated the type of consistent performances we need to be successful these next weeks.  We should all be proud of this team, their effort and willingness to compete is fun to watch!

Tonight is the Cornbelt Fresh/Soph Conference meet.  I will be going to this meet and Coach Neisler will be staying at school with the remaining Junior/Senior athletes.

All F/S athletes are encouraged to attend this meet regardless of whether or not you are assigned an event.

Michelle Styczynski, Kara Henry, Jessica Baker, Rhea Gibson, Amber Nanni and Leah Taylor will be dismissed from school at 2p and leave on a mini bus I will be driving at 2:15p to have time to prepare for their 4p events. All remaining athletes will be dismissed at their usual time and the bus will leave as soon as possible after ... no later than 3:10p.  Please be ready on time! Coach Carr will be supervising the bus we will share with the boys FS team.

Meet information:

2014 Corn Belt Conference
F/S Track Meet
May 6, 2014
hosted by Pontiac High School

Scoring:  6 places for individual events(10-8-6-4-2-1) and 6 places for relays(10-8-6-4-2-1).
Restrooms/Concessions:  Restrooms and concessions will be available at the track. 
We would like your athletes to stay out of the school buildings and please be responsible for picking up trash from your team camps.
Spikes and Markings on the Track and Runways:  Spikes should be ¼” or shorter,
tape and rocks are not allowed as relay markers and chalk should be used to make marks on the runways.

Time Schedule:

4:00 pm- Field Events
  • High Jump(girls first)-Opening heights(To be determined)
  • Long Jump(boys first)-3 preliminary jumps, then the top 9 jumpers will get 3 more jumps in the Finals.
  • Triple Jump(girls first following long jump)-3 preliminary jumps, then the top 9 jumpers will get 3 more jumps in the Finals.
  • Discus(girls first)-3 preliminary throws followed by 9 participants receiving 3 Finals throws.
  • Shot Put(boys first)-3 preliminary throws followed by 9 participants receiving 3 Finals throws.
  • Pole Vault(boys first)-Opening heights(To be determined)
4:45 pm- Prelims(We will be taking the top 2 placers in each heat to the finals).
  • Girls/Boys 100 M. Dash
  • Boys 110 M. HH
  • Girls 100 M. HH
5:30 pm- Running Event Finals(All heats are timed Finals)
  • 3200 M. Relay(g/b)
  • 400 M. Relay(g/b)
  • 3200 M. Run(g/b)
  • 100 M. HH(g)/110 HH(b)
  • 100 M. Dash(g/b)
  • 800 M. Run(g/b)
  • 800 M. Relay(g/b)
  • 400 M. Dash(g/b)
  • 300 M. IH(g/b)
  • 1600 M. Run(g/b)
  • 200 M. Dash(g/b)
  • 1600 M. Relay(g/b)
Meet assignments:
  • LJ:    Pinter, O'Shea
  • TJ:    Styczynski, Henry
  • Shot:    Halman, Gibson
  • Discus:    Baker, Gibson
  • HJ:    Nanni, Taylor
  • PV:    Reeves
  • 100H    Stonewall, Henry
  • 100M    McDowell, Mathieson
  • 800M    Nanni, Khusro
  • 400M    Jordan, Taylor
  • 300H     Stonewall, Henry
  • 1600M    Supan, Landess
  • 200M    Gilbert, Smiley
  • 4 x 800    Supan, Landess, Nanni, Khurso
  • 4 x 100    Gilbert, Hughes, Smiley, Mathieson
  • 4 x 200    Gilbert Mathieson, Stonewall, Smiley
  • 4 x 400    Taylor, Jordan, Nanni, Shepard (Alt. Styczynski, Pinter, Reeves, )
Relay assignments may be changed at the coaches discretion. 

Thanks to all of our parents for their outstanding support this year!    We need you more than ever these next few meets when every place, inch and 100th of a second may mean the difference in scoring, winning and/or qualifying for state.  We appreciate our track groupies ... thanks so much for the support!!