Monday, April 6, 2015


As of the last hour, we have a meet tomorrow in Eureka,   This meet has been on our schedule but through a miscommunication in Eureka, we were told it was boys only this year.  It isn't and we were called and invited at the last minute.  I accepted the invite as it gives us a chance for every healthy athlete to participate in a meet.

It does, however, present some last minute logistical issues.   If it is not possible for your daughter to participate in the meet due to a schedule conflict, they will be excused from track for tomorrow.  All available athletes will be taking a bus which will leave as soon as possible after school tomorrow.  Please bring uniform, spikes, warm clothes (it will be cold by the end of the meet), a rain jacket, snacks, water and money in case you want food (There is a concession stand which was open last year).

I apologize for the late notice but I consider it a good opportunity for our less experienced athletes to compete in a meet that is more casual than an invite.  This meet has allowed us unlimited entries in the past ... this allows all jumpers to jump, throwers to throw etc ...

If you are unable to participate, please let me know as soon as possible ... you can e-mail me at this address or text me at 309/310-3018.
Please get the word out ... help by calling and texting teammates to be sure they know as soon as possible.  If you know someone who does not get these e-mails, please forward it to them.
Parents ... Let me know if you have questions ... thanks as always for your support of our team and our athletes!