Sunday, April 26, 2015

Track Notes, April 26, 2105

Bloomington/Normal Intercity Classic

Monday is the Intercity Meet at CCHS.  This meet includes Varsity and JV events!   I hope you are able to come watch what is always an exciting meet for city wide bragging rights.   There are some very talented athletes in Bloomington - Normal including our very own.  It will be the last time our intercity Seniors will all be in the same meet competing against one another.  It's my hope they all know how much we enjoyed watching them compete, regardless of what uniform they wear.  That being said ... Go Pioneers!  Our active Seniors are Danielle Baker, Katie Herrman and Ashley LaFayette.   Come show our appreciation for their dedication and commitment, and especially their leadership, these last few years.  Coach Niesler and I couldn't be more proud of these young ladies as they have helped to build our program through these years.  Our program has flourished since they have arrived and I cannot imagine where our program would be without them.  Seniors Jaida McDowell, Brooke McKinney and Sydney Kneller have also contributed to our team this year in a non-competition role and we want to recognize them also.  Please consider coming out to cheer on our athletes as they compete for a city championship ... it's time we let them know how proud we are of the way they represent our school community.

There will be 2 entries per varsity event and 3 entries per JV event.  The JV portion will be non-scored. The top 5 individual finishers on the varsity level will receive medals. The relays will receive awards through 4th place. Medals will be given for 1st through 3rd on the JV level. The field events start at 4:30 and the running events at 5:00.

Assignments for the Intercity Meet: (Adjustments to the relays will be made at the discretion of the coaches ... there are no changes allowed to the open assignments.)

2015 Bloomington/Normal Intercity Classic registration for University (Normal)

Women's 100m  Dash Junior Varsity Open:
    Smith, Aubrie: 14.5
    Feely, Katie: 15.61
    Wilbert-Davis, Nahdia: NT

Women's 100m  Dash Varsity Open:
    Smiley, Spencer: 13.61
    McDowell, Janelle: 13.79

Women's 200m  Dash Junior Varsity Open:
    Tulley, Anna: NT
    French, Alexis: NT
    Feely, Katie: NT

Women's 200m  Dash Varsity Open:
    Seaver, Lauren: 28.5
    Mathieson, Micayla: 28.5

Women's 400m  Dash Junior Varsity Open:
    Tulley, Anna: 1:13.00
    Baker, Danielle : 1:08.0
    Raycraft, Katherine: 1:19.52

Women's 400m  Dash Varsity Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 58.5
    Mosley, Brooklyn: 1:03.82

Women's 800m  Run Junior Varsity Open:
    Herrman, Katie: 2:39.93
    Reeves, Katie: 2:40
    Rutherford, Megan: 2:56.0

Women's 800m  Run Varsity Open:
    Landess, Madigan: 2:27.00
    Shepherd, Ally: 2:28.11

Women's 1,600m  Run Junior Varsity Open:
    Herrman, Katie: 5:54.0
    Madix, Riley: 5:48.1
    Kamatar, Advika: 5:46.49

Women's 1,600m  Run Varsity Open:
    LaFayette, Ashley: 5:25.18
    Supan, Shannan: 5:35.35

Women's 3,200m Run Junior Varsity Open:
    Madix, Riley: 12:15

Women's 3,200m  Run Varsity Open:
    LaFayette, Ashley: 11:45
    Supan, Shannan: 11:50

Women's 100m Hurdles Varsity Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 15.30
    Henry, Kara: 16.08

Women's 300m  Low Hurdles Junior Varsity Open:
    Sapp, McKenna: 50.42

Women's 300m Low Hurdles Varsity Open:
    Stonewall, Chante: 44.86
    Henry, Kara: 50.1

Women's 4 x 100m  Relay Junior Varsity Open:
    A: 58.0 (Smith,Sendelbach,Kiefer,Sapp)

Women's 4 x 100m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 52.10 (Smiley,Gilbert,Seaver,Mathieson)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Junior Varsity Open:
    A: 1:57.0 (Kiefer,Sendelbach,Pinter,Walker)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 1:46.80 (Smiley,Mathieson,Gilbert,Stonewall)

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Junior Varsity Open:
    A: 4:26.22 (Smith,Raycraft,Feely,Walker)

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 4:26.22 (Mosley,Walker,Baker,Styczynski)

Women's 4 x 800m  Relay Varsity Open:
    A: 9:40.23 (Nanni,Kamatar,Shepherd,Landess)

Women's High Jump Varsity Open:
    Rowe, Lexie: 5' 1"

Women's Pole Vault Junior Varsity Open:
    Sapp, McKenna: 9' 6"

Women's Pole Vault Varsity Open:
    Reeves, Katie: 10' 0"
    Seaver, Lauren: 10' 0"

Women's Long Jump Junior Varsity Open:
    Pena, Joselyn: 13' 3.5"
    Kinsella, Danielle: 12' 0"

Women's Long Jump Varsity Open:
    Pinter, Brianna: 16' 10"
    Styczynski, Michelle: 15' 3.5"

Women's Triple Jump Junior Varsity Open:
    Pena, Joselyn: 24' 9"
    Kinsella, Danielle: 27' 4.25"
    Styczynski, Michelle: 30' 9.25"

Women's Triple Jump Varsity Open:
    Henry, Kara: 34' 0"
    Pinter, Brianna: 33' 4"

Women's Shot Put Junior Varsity Open:
    Ziemer, Bre: 26' 0"
    Baker, Jessica: 25' 2.25"

Women's Shot Put Varsity Open:
    Sapp, Madison: 31' 2"
    Halman, Synclaire: 32' 3"

Women's Discus Throw Junior Varsity Open:
    Ziemer, Bre: 67' 4"
    Halman, Synclaire: 73' 0"

Women's Discus Throw Varsity Open:
    Sapp, Madison: 89' 0"
    Baker, Jessica: 117' 5"