Thursday, March 1, 2012

Track Notes, 03/01/12

Yesterday reminded us how quickly the weather can change in Central Illinois ... 55 when we started and less than 40 when we came in from the track.  We don't typically alter our practice plans for weather so please come prepared ... even if the forecast calls for warmer temps, it may change.

Our first meet is this Saturday ... some last minute notes:

Field events will begin at 9a as follows
Shot Put ... Boys competition first followed by Girls
Long Jump ... Boys competition first followed by Girls
High Jump ... Girls competition followed by Boys
* Triple Jump competition begins after both Boys and Girls Long jump are completed.  Boys compete first followed by the Girls

Running Events begin at 10a  (Running events will continue in order until complete.  There is not specific times listed for each event.
55 Meter Dash prelims ... Girls competition followed by Boys
55 Meter Hurdles Prelims will follow the 55 Meter Dash prelims with Girls going first followed by boys

The order of events for the finals are as follows:
4 x 800 (Begins after completion of the 55M hurdle prelims)
55M Dash finals
55M Hurdles finals
800M Run
4 x 200M Relay
400M Dash
1600M Run
200M Dash
4 x 400M Relay

Uniforms will be issued today.  Shorts will be issued although the girls can wear black volleyball type shorts rather than the issued shorts.  All relay team members must be dressed in the same uniform for the relay event ... please bring the issued shorts even if you plan to wear the black spandex shorts just in case you are assigned a relay you are not planning on.  All athletes should bring sweats or our warm-ups from years past ... it would be nice if they were actually U-High apparel.  If you bring spikes to wear, the spikes can be no more than 1/4 inch. 

On a final note ... in the past, this is a fairly large meet in a confined area run by ISU track personnel and students .  The term (somewhat) organized chaos comes to mind.  Coach Neisler, Coach Simple and I will do our very best to keep track of all our new athletes to ensure they know where to be and when.  Our experienced athletes will be a great resource also.  It should prove to be good experience for everyone involved and we are all looking forward to this team developing through the next two months.

Quote of the Day:

When it comes time to go after a goal, starting the belief system early will create the mental road map the body can follow leading up to the event.

Terrance Mahon, Coach of Olympians Deena Kastor and Anna Pierce