Friday, March 2, 2012

Track Notes, 03/02/12

Uniforms (with a few exceptions) were distributed yesterday afternoon.  Care and handling of these are the responsibility of the athlete.  They must be returned at the end of the season or the school will charge a replacement cost.  They can be machine washed ... drying should be done on low or just let them air dry. 

Mitch from Often Running will be at practice on Tuesday at 315p to talk to the team about running shoes, both training and competition spikes.  I'll have him talk to any of the athletes who have foot issues which need special consideration.  Team members get a 15% discount at Often Running.  There is no need to buy your shoes at Often Running but regardless of where you buy shoes ... please be sure the person selling them knows what they are talking about.  Saving $20 dollars on shoes sounds good but foot/leg injuries can ruin a season quickly and be costly.  There is no way to always prevent an injury but good shoes, in good condition, really do help.

If you are wearing spikes tomorrow ... only 1/4 inch spikes are allowed. 

Track team photos are next Wednesday at 3:30p.  All athletes need to bring their uniform to practice that day and should make every effort to be available at that time.  If there are other school related conflicts at that time which cannot be worked out, please let me know.   I will send home the order forms in case you want to order individual photos.  Please bring the order forms and checks that day.  Checks should be made to Photography by Kent.

The coaches and I are excited to see this group begin tomorrow.  Good luck to all our athletes.  

Parents ... please accept our sincere appreciation for supporting our team.  This is the first meet experience this season for all the girls and the first meet ever for a large percentage of those.  Enjoy and be proud of them all ... it takes courage to put yourself out there.   I'm certainly proud of them. It would be much easier for them to just stay home but they chose to be involved and work at something challenging ... that is rarely a bad thing, regardless of the outcome!

Quote of the Day:

Above all, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish.

Cecile M. Springer