Thursday, March 29, 2012

Track Notes, 03/29/12

The girls are in the midst of a tough training week .... you may note a few extra aches and pains when they are home.  Please encourage them to drink water, stretch and get plenty of rest.  We have quite a few tight hamstrings and calves.  Stretching and rest will help.  There are also a few girls with sore shins ... we are doing our best to keep a close eye on these.  If the pain does not get better after a week or so of stretching and a lighter work load, we may ask you to have a doctor look at your athlete to ensure they do not have something more serious.  I am aware the girls do not want to back away from training at this time of the season but  we cannot "run through" certain types of pain.  Unfortunately, injuries are an all too common part of track and training, especially among new athletes.  All track athletes experience injuries throughout their training ... our hope is to prevent what we can and get them back on the track as soon as possible once they recover.  It makes track sound like survival of the fittest and, in many ways, it is.  Teaching athletes to take care of themselves year around through healthy choices and conditioning is our goal.  We believe it has many benefits outside of sports, also.

Our first outdoor meet is April 7 in Springfield.  There will be a bus to take the team to the meet.  Just to be sure you are aware, this is Easter weekend.  If your athlete is unable to be at the meet due to family obligations, please let me know as soon as possible.  (
It is perfectly understandable if they have family obligations and cannot participate in this meet).   Tentatively, the bus will leave at 7:45a and we hope to return by around 5p.  Team members are required to ride the bus to and from the meet.  The ONLY exception will be if I have a written note from a parent or guardian stating they will provide transportation home from the meet.  I often will have athletes ask if they can ride home with another parent.  I will not allow this unless I have a note from the parent or guardian stating they have permission to ride home with another (specific) parent/guardian. 

Outdoor meets will have limited entries into events, typically 2 for individual events and 1 team per relay.  Not all athletes will be participating in each meet.  We will do our very best to ensure all athletes have the opportunity to compete as we did in the indoor season.  We will, as we have stated several times, give preference to those athletes who are able to attend full practices regularly.  We do consider placing ourselves in the best position to compete in conference, sectionals and state meet when we make assignments also.  These decisions are carefully considered by Coach Neisler and I ... we do our best trying to consider every athlete's development and the team's best interests.  We did add an extra FS only meet to help us out due to the number of athletes we have this year.  If you have questions or concerns regarding this, please contact me. 

This Saturday the team will have "practice" in the form of our annual Chilli Chili Run (or the not so Chilli run this year).  I will host this practice which begins at 10a at my home located at 1512 East Grove Street in Bloomington.  I will supply the chili, bowls, cups and utensils ... I have asked the team for volunteers to bring bread (Avantis or similar) or a desert/snack to share.  For planning purposes, if you plan to help by sending bread or something to share, please let me know with a quick e-mail.  We will start with a run and stretch and then will eat around 11:30a.  We also plan to hand out a few fun "awards" and pick a team t-shirt design.  We should be finished by 1p. 

Quote of the day:

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."

Carl Sandburg