Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Senior Recognition, Intercity Meet

I JUST received a note from BHS that they will announce all Intercity Seniors and their parent escorts tomorrow at the meet.  Not sure what time they will do this ... I'm fairly certain it will be some time after 5p.  They have done so in the past but did not send out info on it until this afternoon after 4p so I assumed they were no longer doing it.  (You know the old saying ... )

Anyway, I have listed the seniors and their potential parent escorts when they are announced tomorrow to meet officials.  Please let me know if the listed escorts are correct or if there will be only one escort etc ...   If a parent cannot be there, we will have a coach or another stand in escort the senior ... I would love to but will be escorting my own sweet Senior!!

Jordan Armstrong ... Parent, Kris Armstrong
Rachel Gocker ... Parents, Craig and Laurie Gocker
Emily Honzel ... Parents, Kelly and Jim Honzel
Hailey Patterson ... Parents, Wayne and Joan Patterson
Tatyana Peck... Parents, Phil and Donna Jenkins
Lyndsay Shaver ... Parents Stu and Teresa Shaver
Ashlee Toca ... Parents, Paul and Margie Toca
Kiara Vance .... Parents, Rodney and Linda Vance

If you have another stand in ... let me know who they are and their relationship to the athlete ... Grandparent, friend etc ...   I will need to give them the final list tomorrow when I get to the meet so if you can get me any corrected info tonight or in the morning, I would appreciate it.