Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Track Notes, 04/22/12

The following are the entries for tomorrow's Intercity Meet to be held at Bloomington High School.  Field events start at 4:30p (Program does not list which field events run first)  Running events start at 5p.  There are no prelims.  Athletes competing at 430p and 5p should be at the meet one hour before they compete and every athlete should be there no later than 4:30p.

Varsity Entries:
Female Discus Throw Gabi Jacobs
Female High Jump Tatyana Peck, Kady Thompson
Female Long Jump Katelyn Matchett,  Tatyana Peck
Female Shot Put Gabi Jacobs
Female Triple Jump Jordan Armstrong,  Kiara Vance
Female 4x100 Meter Relay Sarah Hotzel, Gabi Jacobs, Tatyana Peck,  Erika Simple
Female 4x200 Meter Relay Danielle Baker,  Avery Hamm, Sydney Kneller, Katelyn Matchett
Female 4x400 Meter Relay Sydney Billingsley , Avery Hamm, Christy Hulett,  Alexandra Walch
Female 4x800 Meter Relay Morgan Cross, Katie Herrman,  Christy Hulett,  Alexandra Walch
Female 100 Meter Dash Tatyana Peck, Erika Simple
Female 100 Meter Hurdles Rachel R Weaver
Female 1600 Meter Run Sydney Billingsley, Morgan Cross
Female 200 Meter Dash Sarah Hotzel , Erika Simple
Female 300 Meter Hurdles Rachel R Weaver
Female 3200 Meter Run Sydney Billingsley,  Ashley LaFayette
Female 400 Meter Dash Morgan Cross,  Erika Simple (
Katie Herrman will replace Morgan Cross)
Female 800 Meter Run Christy Hulett,  Elizabeth Madison

JV Entries:
Female Discus Throw Lauren Boucher
Female Long Jump Sydney Kneller
Female Shot Put Lauren Boucher
Female 4x100 Meter Relay Maria Castillo, Olivia Jocson, Bria Mosely,  Gabby Tran
Female 4x200 Meter Relay Maria Castillo, Samantha Holmes, Alyssa Reuter, Kady Thompson
Female 4x400 Meter Relay Cassie Frank, Katie Herrman, Gabby Hovenden, Elizabeth Madison
Female 4x800 Meter Relay Ashley Collins, Cassie Frank, Lyndsay Shaver, Sydney Spain
Female 100 Meter Dash Danielle Baker, Olivia Jocson, Sydney Kneller
Female 1600 Meter Run Haley Emmert, Ariana Jahiel , Lyndsay Shaver
Female 200 Meter Dash Samantha Holmes, Alyssa Reuter, Kylie Thompson
Female 3200 Meter Run Paige Smid
Female 400 Meter Dash Jordan Armstrong, Isabel Park, Sydney Spain
Female 800 Meter Run Sophia Ayers, Samantha Shaffer, Ashley Toca

This meet always seems to be a competitive and exciting meet ... bragging rights are at stake for the year among these athletes and friends who have been competing for years.   School size and facilities aside, we have always been competitive in this meet (We were second last year) and have no intention of changing that tradition.  This is typically the meet when all of our athletes who graduated in the past check to see how this year's team is doing.  It's a meet that means a little more than the meets have so far.  When last year's boys team won for the first time since 1956, there was a definite response from our past athletes.  So be prepared ... your competition will be ...  have fun and enjoy the competitive atmosphere!  This is why we do the work.  

Every healthy athlete available is competing tomorrow so we hope to see a good turnout for our fan section.  The team will meet after the last event (4 x 400) to hear the final results and take a team lap.  As a reminder, athletes are either preparing to compete, competing, cooling down or cheering/assisting competing athletes during the meet.  No athlete is to leave the grounds during the meet, other than to warm up, without a coaches permission (no snack runs!).  Our team should be the complete focus tomorrow during the meet. On a final note ... at the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, please wear your team warm ups from this year if you have them, or last year's if you have those.  Leave your competing team's sweatshirts, shorts and t-shirts at home the rest of this year's schedule!

Coach Neisler and I will be in the lounge area right after school tomorrow to give rides to any athlete needing one.  If you need a ride, please let me know before tomorrow at noon so I know who to expect.  If you are riding with us, please be ready to go by 3:15p.

Enjoy this beautiful day ... drink water and stretch out today and rest tonight. 

Quote of the day:
"Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves.  It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go.  It helps us to find out what we are made of.  This is what we do.  This is what it's all about."
PattiSue Plumer, US Olympian