Friday, April 20, 2012

Track Notes 04/20/12

I received the following note from NCHS:
"Coach Shaver, We're going to go for it. If possible, we'd like to move up the running events to 4:30. Any objections? Also, I have your jv relays entered on the clerk and recorders sheet, but for some reason (exhaustion?) I left them off the lane assignment page in the program."
This means all running event participants should be there as soon as possible after school ends. The 3200M Relay athletes should be warmed up and ready to run by 4:30pm. There is a definite chill in the air ... be prepared to keep warm!

Tonight is the NCHS Relays, a boys and girls meet that has JV relays also.  This is just fair warning ... it will not go as fast as the BHS meet Wednesday!

Field events start at 4:30p with Girl's High Jump, Girl's Shot.  All other girls field events start after boys finish.

All running events start at 5p and are as follows:
All running events will be finals against time; no prelims.

JV 3200 M Relay (Boys first for all running events)
3200 M Relay
400 M Relay (Please note the order of events for the laned relays.
                    We will run Var boys then JV boys followed by Var girls then JV girls.)
400 M JV Relay
3200 M Run
110/100 Hurdles
100 M Dash
800 M Run
800 M Relay
800 M JV Relay
400 M Dash
300 M Hurdles
1600 M Run
200 M Dash
1600 M Relay
1600 M  JV Relay

Coach Neisler and I will be in the lounge area after school lets out to give rides to those needing one.  Field event athletes starting at 4:30p should be at the meet by 3:45p.  Runners for the first few events should be there no later than 4p.  All athletes should be at the meet by 430p.
Good news is that it looks like the rain will stop before the meet starts.  Bad news is the weather is going to be much cooler than the last few days.  I'm hoping all athletes packed some extra clothes to keep warm and dry.

I will post the entries for Monday's Intercity meet this weekend.  Please check your e-mails Sunday for assignments and last minute notes.  This will be the last Intercity meet for our Seniors ... a meet which has lots of meaning to all the intercity schools and athletes.  Please consider coming to the meet (at BHS) to support our athletes ... especially our fourth year track Seniors who are getting down to their last few meets.  I am their biggest fan and cannot begin to thank them enough for their commitment, dedication and leadership.  They have been a steady influence through the ups and downs of the last 4 seasons and have led our new athletes through a restructuring of our program into what we hope is a consistent, fun and winning team.  We have plenty of work to do yet but they have provided the patience, consistency and heart needed to make the team a good place for their new young teammates.   I am proud of each of them!  Thanks ladies!

Quote of the Day: (Dedicated to our Seniors)
"What lies ahead of you and what lies behind you is nothing compared to what lies within you"
Mohandas K. Ghandhi