Saturday, March 16, 2013

Track Notes, 3/16/13

I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of break!

Coach Neisler and I have made assignments for the Clinton HS Last Chance qualifier to be held at IWU this Monday evening.  The timing of this meet is not ideal and we gave careful consideration to assignments due to many factors such as spring break and practice time.

We made our entries for this meet knowing we have two meets next Saturday where all healthy athletes should get the chance to compete.  The Clinton HS meet is intended to give athletes their last chance to qualify for the Illinois Top Times meet so we made assignments based on those athletes having the best chance to qualify.  We did, however, assign some jumpers to the meet, mostly as a chance to practice at a facility with real runways and pits.

So, here are Monday's assignments:

Women's 55m  Dash Open:
   Mathieson, Micayla: 8.34
   Brewer, LeeNaya: 8.58

Women's 200m  Dash Open:
   Simple, Erika: 26.44
   Smiley, Spencer: 28.5

Women's 400m  Dash Open:
   O'Shea, Dasha: 1:07
   Jordan, Marissa: 1:07

Women's 800m  Run Open:
   Billingsley, Sydney : 2:19
   Landess, Madigan: 2:41.24

Women's 1,600m  Run Open:
   LaFayette, Ashley: 5:35.58
   Supan, Shannan: 5:33.28

Women's 55m  Hurdles Open:
   Henry, Kara: 10.39
   Stonewall, Chante: 9.54

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Open:
   A: 1:52.37 (Simple,Stonewall,Mathieson,Smiley, Alt: Jassmine McDowell)

Women's 4 x 800m  Relay Open:
   A: 10:20.46 (Frank,Walch,Supan,Billingsley, Alt: Landess)

Women's High Jump Open:
   O'Shea, Dasha: 5' 2"
   Mwilambwe, Maya: 4' 6"

Women's Long Jump Open:
   Hamm, Avery: ND
   Pena, Joselyn: ND

Women's Triple Jump Open:
   Henry, Kara: 30' 9.5"
   McDowell, Jasmine: 29' 11.5"

Women's Shot Put Open:
   Jacobs, Gabi: 43' 10"
   Sapp, Madison: 28' 9.5"

Athletes not assigned to the meet will have a shorter than usual practice at school Monday afternoon.  After practice, the meet should just be getting under way at IWU.  All team members are expected to be at the meet to support their teammates unless we have a note from your parent excusing you.  We do realize there are some of you going to New Orleans the next day, but if you will not be there, I would still like a note so I know who I am accountable for at the meet.

Final Reminder:

Team and individual photos are Monday afternoon.  You will be dismissed from class at 2:30p and our team photo is at 2:45p.   Individual photos will follow immediately after.  Athletes participating in the meet will go first so they can leave for IWU.

Please bring your uniform and the black shorts you wear at meets.  Please bring a check for the amount of the package you want to purchase.  The packages/costs are listed on the U-High web site.

Quote of the Week:

Running has taught me to be patient, to trust the process, that anything worth doing is worth training for and doing well. It has made me a better wife, co-worker, friend, nurse, sister, daughter, and person in general. I have more self-confidence, drive, and compassion for others than I've ever known.
My life is infinitely better since I started on this journey, and I don't see it coming to an end anytime soon.
Andi Bell, Runner's World Challenger of the Week