Friday, March 22, 2013

Track Notes, 3/22/13

Tomorrow is a busy day for UHSTF.  The Illinois Top Times Meet Kicks off with a 9a National Anthem.  The schedule of events is posted on the Illinois Top Times web site.  Coach Neisler will be the coach in charge of this meet.  Just so you are aware, seats for fans will be a premium.  You may want to arrive well before the scheduled time of your favorite athlete to ensure you have a good place to view the competition.  Finally, for this meet, I want to say congratulations to our qualifiers.  As a coaching staff, we are very excited to have so many qualifiers competing.  You have every reason to be proud of these girls ... an invite to this meet is as good as it gets for the indoor season and very few athletes ever even have the chance to compete here.  Nice work ladies ... enjoy your day there!

I will be at the Joseph Cogdal Meet at Horton Field House at ISU.  U-High is the host of the meet .... U-High staff will be very busy tomorrow ensuring the event runs smoothly and our guests from around the state feel welcome.  There still may be a need for volunteers tomorrow ... I will let you know of any help as we need it.

Meet information and assignments are as follows:

(Final time schedule determined by number of entries per event – schedule will be available online at after 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 20th .)

Meet will run ahead of time if possible. Scratches must be made by 8:30 am.

Boys Shot 9:00am Finals (3-3)
Girls Shot 10:30am Finals (3-3)
Boys Pole Vault 9:00am Continuous Flight
Girls Pole Vault 10:30am Continuous Flight
Boys Long Jump 9:00am No Finals (3)
Girls Long Jump 10:45am No Finals (3)
Boys High Jump 11:30am Continuous Flight
Girls High Jump 9:00am Continuous Flight
Boys Triple Jump 12:30pm No Finals (3)
Girls Triple Jump 2:00pm No Finals (3)

Finals for Shot-Put events will begin immediately following the last flight.  Six will go to the finals.

4x800 Meter Relay Girls 10:00am
4x800 Meter Relay Boys 10:30am
55 Meter Boys Prelims+ 11:00am
55 Meter Girls Prelims+ 11:15am
55 Meter Hurdles Boys Prelims+ 11:30am
55 Meter Hurdles Girls Prelims+ 11:45am

 + Note: 12 to finals – top 6 in the fastest heat.

Break (Will Be Announced) 12:00pm

55 Meter Hurdles Girls Finals 12:30pm
55 Meter Hurdles Boys Finals 12:35pm
55 Meter Girls Finals 12:40pm
55 Meter Boys Finals 12:45pm
Sprint Medley Relay Girls (400,200,200,800) 12:50pm
Sprint Medley Relay Boys (400,200,200,800)  1:10pm
4x200 Meter Relay Girls  1:30pm
4x200 Meter Relay Boys  1:45pm
1600 Meter Run Girls  2:00pm
1600 Meter Run Boys  2:30pm
4x400 Meter Relay Girls  2:50pm
4x400 Meter Relay Boys  3:10pm

Women's 55m  Dash Open:
McDowell, Jaida
Kneller, Sydney

Women's 1,600m  Run Open:
Rosenthal, Lauren
Ruiz, Minda

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Open:

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Open:

Women's 4 x 800m  Relay Open:

Women's 1,600m Sprint Medley Open:

Women's High Jump Open:
Mwilambwe, Maya

Women's Long Jump Open:
Trevarthan, Ann

Women's Triple Jump Open:
McDowell, Jasmine

Women's Shot Put Open:
Sapp, Madison
Brewer, LeeNaya

This will be the first opportunity for some of our athletes to compete this indoor season.  They have been working very hard to reach the goals they have set for themselves ... I am hopeful they will have a successful start towards reaching those goals Saturday.  I am sure they will greatly appreciate any support we can give them!

Please remember, if your athlete must leave the meet early, please send a note signed by the parent.  (All athletes from U-High, when not preparing or competing, may need to be assisting wherever they are needed.)

Hope to see you there!

Quote of the Day:

"Dream big, but allow yourself the opportunity to start small, and have your share of
struggles in the beginning. The world's great composers weren't writing
symphonies the day they first sat at a piano."

Kevin O'Rourke, Marathoner