Monday, March 25, 2013

Track Notes, 3/25/13

In case I need to state the obvious, school, and therefore practice, has been cancelled for today.

Congratulations to our competitors in the Illinois Top Times Meet ... the unofficial Indoor State.  I am fairly certain we have never before had this many entrants.   We talk about the mindset of competing ... they obviously were not satisfied with just being there.  The girls took home medals in every event they were entered in.  Job well done ... we are certainly proud of you!  I want to give special recognition to our 1600 Champion ... although she will hate it.  Sydney Billingsley won in 5:07.14   Hard to imagine an athlete who works harder.  So glad to have you on our side!

We had a good day at Cogdal also!   Watching this meet was a good reminder of how hard some of our athletes work towards their goals.  Success is measured in many different ways and goals are always unique from one person to another.  I could recognize many but two performances stand out in my mind from Saturday.    Many of you saw two of our athletes compete in the 1600.  What you didn't see was these two running after school each day since their Cross Country season ended in October  ... outside runs in all types of weather, ab work in the fitness room, weights and time on the fitness room machines.  Coach Hampton, Neisler and I watched these two leave and come in from workouts day after day. Cannot tell you how good it felt to watch these two take the lead in their section of the 1600 and set PR's that I'm sure they did not think possible 6 months ago.  Way to go Minda Ruiz and Lauren Rosenthal ... you guys are two of the reasons the time coaching takes is worth every minute!

Enjoy your snow day as our preparation for the outdoor season is delayed one more day!

Quote of the Day:
"Happiness is pushing your limits and watching them back down."