Monday, April 15, 2013

Updated Track Notes, 4/15/13

Tomorrow we have two meets scheduled ... let's hope the weather cooperates.  If there is a cancellation, there will be an announcement at school and I will send out an e-mail as soon as I am notified.

Olympia Meet:   Dasha, Maya, Gabi and Madison will be dismissed from school at 2:15p and will ride on the mini bus with Coach Carr leaving school at 2:30p.  Their events start at 4p.  All other athletes going to Olympia will be leaving school on the bus at 3:15p.  Running events start at 5p.

Athletes assigned to CCHS will be responsible for getting to CCHS on their own.  Coach Rachel Johnson will be attending this meet and be responsible for the girls there.  Coach Hampton will also be available at this meet.

Please note the discus ring is off site but there is a shuttle service for the athletes. Athletes should report to field event by 4:15pm. Reminder the Discus will start at 4:30pm with Girls first at our offsite facility. shuttle service will be provided from main track. After the Discus Throwers will come back to CCHS to complete the Shotput.

Directions to Discus Area
  • Go south on Airport Road to Empire St. (Route 9). It will be the first stop light.
  • Turn left on Empire St. Go to the 2nd stop light and turn left on Haeffele Way
  • Turn right on Gerig Road. Gerig Road turns into Ekstam Dr. Discus area is ½ mile on Right hand side.
Due to some last minute changes to the general health of our team, we had to make some changes to our assignments for tomorrow night.

Barring any additional injuries, the assignments look like this:

CCHS (Boy's team plus some girl's team entrys)
  • 100M Dash--Joselyn Pena, Jaida McDowell
  • 400M Dash--Mary Spaulding, Megan Rutherford
  • 200M Dash--Kylie Thompson, Megan Rutherford, Jaida McDowell, Joselyn Pena
  • 4x400--Mary Spaulding, Sam Holmes, Ashley Collins, Morgan Jacobs
  • 4x800--Sam Holmes, Morgan Jacob, Ashley Collins, Sam Shaffer
  • 3200--Minda Ruiz, Lauren Rosenthal
  • 800--Sam Holmes, Morgan Jacob, Ashley Collins
  • 1600--Minda Ruiz, Lauren Rosenthal, Sam Shaffer
  • Discus--Rhea Gibson, Synclaire Halman, Becca Williams
  • Shot--Rhea Gibson, Synclaire Halman, Becca Williams, Ashanti Scott
Olympia Relays assignments are as follows:

Women's 1,600m Run:
Billingsley, Sydney : 5:07.14
LaFayette, Ashley: 5:23.65

Women's 4 x 100m Relay:
A: 51.85 (Simple, Brewer, Smiley, Mathieson)

Women's 4 x 100m  Relay Frosh/Soph:
A: 1:00.0 (Kneller,Matchett,Mwilambwe,Baker)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay:
A: 2:00.0 (Fritz,Trevarthan,Park,Weaver)

Women's 4 x 200m  Relay Frosh/Soph:
A: 2:00.0 (Baker,Kneller,Matchett,Mwilambwe)

Women's 4 x 400m Relay:
A: 4:21.90 (Billingsley,TBA ,Simple,Mathieson)

Women's 4 x 400m  Relay Frosh/Soph:
A: 4:40.0 (O'Shea,TBA, Styczynski,Mwilambwe,)

Women's 4 x 800m  Relay:
A: 10:30 (Walch,Kirchgessner,Landess,Supan)

Women's 800m Sprint Medley:
A: 1:58.0 (Mathieson,Fritz,Smiley,Simple)

Women's 800m Sprint Medley Frosh/Soph:
A: 2:10.0 (Brewer,Baker,Kneller,O'Shea)

Women's High Jump:
O'Shea, Dasha: 5' 4"
Mwilambwe, Maya: 4' 6"

Women's Long Jump:
Matchett, Katelyn: 15' 3.75"
Styczynski, Michelle: 14' 6"

Women's Shot Put:
Jacobs, Gabi: 43' 10"
Sapp, Madison: 28' 9.5"

Women's Discus Throw:
Jacobs, Gabi: 136' 0"
Sapp, Madison: 84' 0"