Sunday, March 23, 2014

Track Notes, 3/23/14

Thanks to all the parents, family and friends that came down to the meet yesterday to support our team.  It was a loooooong day and we appreciate having so many friendly faces cheering our girls on!
We certainly had some outstanding performances for a meet so early in the season.  They capped off their hardest week of training to date by showing toughness at a meet where they ran with tired legs.  We are proud of them all!

We have a meet tomorrow at IWU.    All team athletes are expected to be at the meet unless excused by Coach Neisler or I. Meet information is as follows:

Hosted by Clinton Community High School
Monday, March 24, 2014 starting at 4:00pm

Time:  Coaches & captains will meet at the finish line @ 3:45, Field events @ 4:00, Prelims @ 4:30 of the 60m dash & 60m hurdles, the rest of the meet will follow in rolling schedule

Facility:  Illinois Wesleyan University Shirk Center

Meet:  non-scored invitational; IHSA rules will apply

Spikes:  1/8” spikes are the maximum allowed

Awards: No team scores will be kept.  1st-6th place medals will be presented in all events,

Team Camps:  Camp may not be set up on the inside of the track.  Adequate space is provided along the outer building walls for the team camps.  Please keep the facility clean by limiting food & beverages in the field house and alert your athletes and coaches to specific areas marked for field event competition.

Meet Conduct:  Official IHSA rules will be followed for all events.
Track events:  Places will be determined based off time if more than one heat is run.  All track races will be run as timed finals, other than the 60m dash & hurdles, where there will be prelims & finals.
Throws/Sand Jumps – 4 attempts per athlete.  No finals
High Jumps – starting heights will be set by the field.  Bar to be raised by 2” increments (when one jumper remains, she can set her own height)
Pole Vault – starting heights will be set by the field.  Bar to be raised by 6” increments (when one jumper remains, she can set her own height)

Teams:  Bloomington, Bloomington Central Catholic, Champaign Central, Harvest Christian Academy, Normal U High, Olympia, Oregon, Prairie Central, Ridgeview, Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield, St. Teresa, Taylorville, Tolono Unity, Tri-Valley, Pontiac, Limestone, Clinton (18 total teams, at this time)

These are our coaches working the events, as it stands now, but we really need more help from other coaches.  If you are willing to help out, please submit the area you would like to assist at.  Or if you are signed up for something you don't want to do, please let us know what we can change it to.  Thank you for helping us run this meet efficiently.


4:00 Long Jump Cafeteria   4 trials
6:00 Triple Jump Cafeteria 4 trials
4:00 High Jump
4:00 Pole Vault
4:00 Shot Put 4 trials
4:30 60m High Hurdle Prelim
60m Dash Prelim
3200m Relay
60m High Hurdle Finals 7 + 7 FINALS
60m Dash Finals 7 + 7 FINALS
800m Varsity Relay
400m Dash  
800m Run
200m Dash
1600m Run
1600m Relay
 Assignments are as follows:

60M Dash:         Spencer Smiley, Jaida McDowell
60M Hurdles:     Kara Henry
200M Dash:       Micayla Matieson, Hannah Keifer
400M Dash:       Leah Taylor, Ally Shepard
800M Dash:       Madigan Landess, Nadia Khusro
1600M Dash:     Shannon Supan, Lauren Rosenthal
4 x 200:             Katelyn Matchett, Jessica Huber, Janelle McDowell, Sydney Kneller
4 x 400:             Leah Taylor, Amber Nanni, Anna Trevarthan, Danielle Baker
4 x 800:             Amber Nanni, Lauren Rosenthal, Madigan Landess, Shannon Supan
High Jump:       Leah Taylor, Amber Nanni
Pole Vault:        Katie Reeves
Long Jump:      Brianna Pinter, Katelyn Matchett
Triple Jump:     Dani Kinsella, Joselyn Pena
Shot Put:          Jessica Baker, Bre Ziemer

If allowed by meet officials, there may be some last minute changes to the assignments so all athletes should bring their uniform.   If not assigned, please be prepared (dressed for outside running) to practice at IWU.
There is no bus ... if you intend to ride with another athlete, please have your parents permission.   Please let me know before noon tomorrow if you need a ride to the meet from a coach.  Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault and Shot Put athletes should be at IWU as soon as possible after school ends.  The start of these events is 4p.  There are prelims in both the 60M Dash and the 60M Hurdles.   60M High Hurdles prelims start at 430p followed by 60M Dash.  Athletes assigned to these events should be at IWU no later than 345 although 330 would be better.  All other athletes should be at IWU by 4p.

We have two meets next Saturday.  The Illinois Top Times Meet at IWU for those athletes who qualified and the Cogdal Relays at ISU.  If you are unable to be at these meets, please let me know tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!