Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Track Notes, 4/7/14

The outdoor season is here!!  We begin tomorrow afternoon with a meet at Eureka High School.  Pleasant Plains is the third school involved.   I have not been given any official meet information so lets just say the meet begins with Field Events starting at 415p and running  ... 5p???

All available athletes are participating tomorrow and most in more than one event. Chance for a rain shower tomorrow afternoon so be sure to bring rain gear.  Athletes should bring some extra dry clothes (socks etc ) a garbage bag to keep their belongings dry, warm clothes for when the sun goes down and maybe a blanket to help stay warm after competing. 

There is early dismissal from school tomorrow (1p).  All athletes need to be at U-High by 215p and the bus leaves at 230p.  I'm guessing we will return around 9p but your students can call you from the bus on the return trip to let you know a more accurate return time.  If you will be taking your athlete home with you from the meet, please be sure to let us know and sign them out in the binder we have near our camp.  We cannot leave the meet site until all athletes are accounted for so please remember to sign them out.  FYI, I also ask the athletes stay until the meet ends to support their teammates unless there is a pressing need to leave early. 

Assignments for tomorrow have been given out at practice.  It's a long list so I am leaving it up to them to tell you what events they are competing in.

This is a rare opportunity, to see most of the athletes from both the boys team and girls team compete in the same meet.  Many of our future meets have entry limits or we have split squads.  Eureka has been very gracious to allow us unlimited entries and I am very grateful considering the number of athletes we have.  They have a good facility It should be fun meet if the weather cooperates! 

  •  Bring water and a snack to hold you over.
  •  Keep your uniform shirt put away from sight when not competing. 
  •  Bring some (extra) warm clothes.  So much better to have them and not need them than the opposite. 
Quote for today:
"Never fear failure, fear not having the courage to try."