Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Track Notes, 4/30/13

Welcome to the first meet of what we refer to as the Championship part of our season.  Today is the 2013 Cornbelt Fresh/Soph Conference Championship Meet.  Friday will be the 2013 Cornbelt Varsity Championship Meet and Thursday, May 9th will be our the Sectional Meet which qualifies athletes for the State Meet.  Entries/assignments for these meets are made by the coaches to give our team the best chance to score in any given event and compete for a team title.  The entry assignments were given to the team last evening at practice.  Every athlete we have contributes to the team, and ultimately, to helping us reach our team goals.  Although we would like to have every athlete competing, we have to make the difficult decision to choose which athletes (and combination of athletes) give us the best chance to reach those team goals.  Announcing assignments is not my favorite part of coaching but I can speak for all our coaches when I say, this is a terrific group of athletes, and we are proud to be able to coach each and every one of them.

Tonight's Meet info:
The meet will be held at Central Catholic High School.  In short, the Girl's High Jump and Girl's Discus are scheduled to begin at 4p.  Girls Long Jump and Girls Shot Put will follow the boys which start at 4p.  Prelims (100M and100M Hurdles) begin at 5p.  Finals begin at 5:30p.  Remember, the discus throwing area is located off site.  The athletes will be shuttled there. If you have not been to the discus area, you need to go east on Rt. 9/Empire to Haeffle Way (2nd Stoplight east of Airport Rd).  Turn left and go to Gerig Rd.  Turn right.  Gerig Rd turns into Ekstram Dr.  Discus area is 1/2 mile on right.

Running event finals will be as follows with Girls events going first followed by the Boys:

                        3200 Meter Relay                              
                        400 Meter Relay                                            
                        3200 Meter Run                                             
                        100 Meter High Hurdles                                             
                        100 Meter Dash
                        800 Meter Run
                        800 Meter Relay                                            
                        400 Meter Dash
                        300 Meter Low Hurdles
                        1600 Meter Run
                        200 Meter Dash
                        1600 Meter Relay

A few of our athletes have had to struggle with some serious injuries these past few weeks.  All our athletes, this time of year, have more aches and pains than they can say.   I am sure they would love to see and hear your support these next few weeks.  Even though they may not always say so, they appreciate the support you show them.  Please help them stay relatively healthy these next weeks ... encourage them to drink plenty of water, stretch, get as much rest as they can and to eat plenty of healthy foods.  I am convinced kind words and encouragement can do more good than you can imagine to a tired student athlete.  Thanks for all your support to our team and athletes this season.

The quote for today is perfect for this time of year!  Seeing the progress each athlete has made through the season makes coaching fun.  Seeing them with the confidence and desire to compete is, as the commercial says, priceless!

Quote of the Day:
" Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about. "
PattiSue Plumer