Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Track Notes, 3/18/14

We are back to school this week after spring break and practices will become more physically demanding as we progress through March.  Aches and pains will become more common ... just so you are aware.  Eating well, plenty of sleep and water will help keep them healthy!

Saturday we will be at the Gene Armer Invitational hosted by Urbana High School.  This is a very large meet and we are taking only a small group to compete.  Athletes are not required to attend the meet unless they are competing.  Due to limited seating on the bus we are sharing with the boy's team, only those athletes competing will be provided transportation.  The following athletes will be competing this Saturday:

  • Sydney Billingsley
  • Gabi Jacobs
  • Ashley LaFayette
  • Kara Henry
  • Micayla Mathieson
  • Chante Stonewall
  • Shannon Supan
  • Spencer Smiley
  • Michelle Styczynski
  • Amber Nanni
  • Leah Taylor
  • Madigan Landess
  • Raven Hughes
  • Katie Reeves

The athletes listed above should be at school by 6:45.  The bus will be leaving U-High at 7a on Saturday morning.  We have never competed in this meet before so I have no estimated time for return. We will ask the athletes to phone or text you during the meet once we have an estimated return time.  Be prepared ... this looks to be a long meet so pack your day bag carefully.  All should bring snacks, water and money for a meal on the return trip home.


  • We had some clothes disappear at our last meet so please take care to keep clothes zipped in your bag and keep your uniforms/warm ups out of sight!!  
  • Please be careful to take all stickers off uniforms prior to washing them.  This will help us keep these uniforms in good shape.  
  • School is out early tomorrow (1p)  We will have practice from 1:10p to 3:30p
  • Our next meet is next Monday, hosted by Clinton HS and held at IWU.  More information on this meet will come later in the week.  

Thanks to all who have come out to support the U-High Girl's Track Team during the first couple meets. We are proud of the way this young team competes and the manner in which they represent our school.  We are looking forward to a great season and appreciate the support!!

Quote for today:
"Confidence doesn't come out of nowhere.  It's the result of something ... hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication."
Roger Staubach